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Take a Moment

Lately I’ve been trying really hard to just focus on living for the moments and embracing each day.  I had to recently drop a class in school – it just wasn’t fitting for my major.  Since I’ve dropped this class, I’ve noticed that I have a little more free time to enjoy all of the other things that I love, such as, the outdoors, the warm sun on a crisp fall day, my family, my fiancé, my pup, crafts, and so on.

I’ve got a type A brain with a type B heart.  I have millions of lists that can be found on my phone, in random notepads around the house, on the fridge, on my dry erase board, and the list could go on and on… haha, literally!  😉  So I guess you could say, I’m always planning ahead and like to be prepared for what’s to come next.  But with this extra little spare time, I’ve been using it to enjoy the now.

Yesterday I looked outside and saw the trillions of pine needles spread across my parent’s backyard.  My parents have 43 trees in their  yard – I swear, my sister once spent an afternoon counting them all!  Most of these trees are pine trees.  So every fall we get a little preview of what it would look like if it were to snow pine needles!  I never really appreciated how amazing it really was until yesterday.  I took my dog, Bella, outside and we played in the needles for a bit.  She was loving it – running, and digging her nose through it!  She has the same reaction when it’s a fresh snow.

I guess my point is, it sounds so silly and odd that I’m writing a blog post about this, but I had so much fun with Bella for these few moments outside with her in this land of pine needles yesterday.  I wasn’t doing anything super awesome with my afternoon, I was just enjoying my life at that moment and appreciating what it was.  

I hope that every day I can have moments like this, because I never want to feel unappreciative of the life I have, because I know it’s a spectacular one that no one else could live quite as well as I can!

I hope you have a beautiful fall day and don’t forget to remember the now.  🙂