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Happy Halloween!

This is Halloween.  This is Halloween.  Halloween.  Halloween.  Halloween.  Halloween!  Yes, I’m singing along with the classic, A Nigthmare Before Christmas.  Anybody else love that movie as much as I do?  Happy Halloween, ghouls and witches!  I’ve been celebrating the days leading up to today with scary movies, painting pumpkins, costume parties, eating candy, and so much more!  I absolutely love this holiday and I’m going to be sad to see it pass us by yet again, but for now… let’s enjoy it!  🙂

Something my fiancé and I did last Halloween was go to Highball – basically the biggest costume party ever known to man!  I had an incredible time last year, so when the time came this year, Austin and I joined in on the fun again.  We didn’t get to dress up as our originally planned milkman and the 50’s housewife… unfortunately, I lost the dress I was planning to wear just hours before.  Luckily, Austin and I are the king and queen at putting last minute costumes together… well, kinda.  He ran out and got the banana costume he found hilarious and I put together a super quick monkey costume.  I was a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t be going as the milkman and the 50’s housewife, but then I realized how freezing it was outside and knew I’d be much more warm in my cozy sweatshirt and jeggings!  I decided to share some of my favorite moments from Highball with you all…

We had a blast and we’ll likely be going next year!  Our experience this year was so different from last’s, but I think we’d both agree that the best part about it is seeing everyone’s amazing costumes and eating at the food trucks – seriously always tastes like the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Tonight Austin and I will be celebrating Halloween with a scary movie marathon, lot’s of candy eating, and monster cuddles!  Hopefully we get some trick-or-treaters.  🙂  What are your big plans for tonight?  Comment down below… I’m dying to know what your Halloween night traditions are!