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OOTD: Curvy Girl Edition

Woah, an OOTD (in case you aren’t with the times, that stands for outfit of the day) from Ali?  I know, I know… I’ve never really been super into fashion or what I’m wearing.  Being a curvy girl all my life, I’ve always just wore what I felt comfortable or “smaller” in.  Well, enough of that!  Though I’m actually at my heaviest weight ever right now (but I’m working on that, too… that’s a story for another day), I am ready to experiment more with my clothing.  I’ve recently really got into beauty and fashion guru videos on YouTube and one particular girl that I adore is Louise of Sprinkleofglitter.  I found some of her seasonal look book’s for curvy girls really inspiring and I decided to try out some of them!

I didn’t think I’d be this satisfied with the way I felt in something I wouldn’t usually wear, but I did, and I knew I had to share it with you.  Not because I want to show off my cool clothes (I mean, these things have been aging in my closet for years), but because I want other curvy girls to get the message that you can get creative with your fashion and try new things.  Just because you’ve got hips and a stomach doesn’t mean you should hide it in baggy t-shirts.

Unfortunately, all these pieces of clothing (except the shoes) have been purchased more than a year ago, so I don’t think they can be found in the stores anymore… but I’ll still let you know where I got everything and also link you to some similar styles that I’m currently eying.  😉

The floral skirt with elastic waste band is from Old Navy; the blush pink cardigan is from H&M; the tan, suede wedges are from Amazon; the basic black tank… well, you could find one of those just about anywhere!  😛  Now for a few similar pieces that I’ve been eying:

I hope you ladies enjoyed this post!  Let me know if you’d like to see more OOTD posts from me.  Just comment below!  🙂