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Photo Shoot: Two Beautiful Sisters

This past weekend, I had the honor of photographing Katie & Jessica – two beautiful sisters who both seemed to have a love for all things unique… I could tell by just how excited they were about the shoot!  Our concept was super quirky, a little dark, but with pops of color to make it fun.  You know when you mix and match patterns in clothing?… Well, that’s sort of how the concept for this shoot felt – a bunch of mismatching of moods and interesting contrasts between a dreary day and colorful, spring flowers.  I must mention that I was inspired very much so by Olivia Bee’s Hermés Paris shoot.  It was part of a school assignment where we had to shoot “in the style of” another photographer and being a super fan of Olivia’s… I decided to take that direction.  If you’ve never seen Olivia’s work, I strongly suggest you go check it out.

Aren’t they stunning?  And I bet you can’t even tell that they’ve never done something like this before!  I seriously love photographing “non-models” …like just your every day person.  Mostly because 1) they can still look like models with just a little bit of direction; 2) I love seeing their reaction to the final images… they’re usually surprised that they pulled it off, but of course they did… they’re gorgeous; 3) they’re always so incredibly happy and excited to be there to help me out!

Interested in being a model for one of my upcoming conceptual shoots?  I could always use some help and am always adding new contacts to my model lists.  Feel free to comment below with your information and I’ll add you to the list 🙂  Also, I always post my model searches on the Ali Bee Photography Facebook page… so keep an eye out there, as well!