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Let It Snow – Mini Shoot with Crystalshae

Hey ya’ll!  So here I sit in the house my parent’s rented for a week in Florida, writing a post titled Let It Snow.  This Florida sunshine is something else and I was definitely in much need of the vitamin D… but I can’t help missing the “feeling” of Christmas just a little bit.  Anyways, enough about me… isn’t Crystalshae stunning?  Oh, I do want to point out that no editing was done to her eyes and she’s not wearing contacts… they REALLY are just that blue.  I’m a bit jealous! …Okay, a lot jealous.  😛

Ohioans, hope you’re enjoying all that snow I hear you’re getting AGAIN.  I’ll be coming home to it very soon.  For you readers who reside in the warmer states, hope the fun in the snow that Crystalshae and I had together is enough for ya.  😉   xo Ali Bee