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5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing On Christmas Eve

This post is a bit random and scattered… but I just really wanted to remind people of what Christmas time is all about.  It’s way too often that I hear about how stressed people are on Christmas Eve.  Last minute wrapping, cooking, cleaning the house, wrapping things up at work, even last minute shopping!  I’m not going to lie, I do tend to do a lot of my gift wrapping the day before Christmas, but I almost never work and my day is usually spent with my family and fiancé.  I’m not trying to say the way my Christmas Eve plans go is the best way, I’m just saying I always try to make a point to slow down and let go of the stress of work and the holidays.  My mom always hosts on Christmas day so it does tend to get pretty stressful around the house… but at least we’re together and there to help each other out.

So the things I don’t think anybody should be doing on Christmas Eve are:
  • Working (unless you absolutely have to and don’t have a choice).  To me, Christmas Eve is almost just as important as Christmas Day.  It’s a day where I feel like family and friends should be there for one another to help with the holiday cooking, wrapping, cleaning, and so on.  It’s still time spent together!  Skip seeing your co-workers for a couple days and just enjoy every moment you can with your family.  This is going to be hard for myself this year since I’ve began blogging.  I’m 99% sure I’ll have a post go up on Christmas Eve, but I do plan on writing it the night before so I’ll be able to have Christmas Eve completely work free!
  • Checking emails on your phone.  I know you do it!  We all do.  Having my email on my phone is an incredible feature to have, but I’ve made a point to only have my personal email on my phone, which I usually receive store sales and sometimes emails from my family on there (nothing too serious).  This forces me to stop replying to customers right then and there when their email pops up in my inbox.  It’s just so easy to drop whatever you’re doing and tend to your email, so just get it off there!  At least for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  If you have an iPhone, just simply go to your settings and turn off mail.  The emails will be there waiting for you after the holiday is over!
  • Christmas shopping.  Oh my goodness… if you still have major Christmas shopping to do on the eve before Christmas then something is seriously wrong.  I guess it happens… you can get so busy throughout the month of December and then Christmas is here before you know it.  But it is so important to try and get most if not all of your shopping done before the day before Christmas.  Going out on Christmas Eve is usually a mad house and extremely stressful…. AND what you’re looking for probably is sold out, because that’s just how our luck is!  So aside from little things you may have forgotten, just get the shopping done sooner.  It’s as simple as that!
  • Being a scrooge.  The stress level can get pretttttyy high during the holidays, but I’m telling you it’s all in your head.  You’re in complete control of how you’re feeling, so just breathe.  Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help if you know they’re not doing anything… I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you and spend time with you!
  • Doing homework.  Most schools are out of session during the Christmas holiday, but there are those crazy (yet ambitious) people that decide to take classes over the holiday.  Okay, I get it, you want to get your schooling done ASAP… but work ahead as much as you can so you can spend Christmas Even and Christmas Day completely stress free from homework.
So yeah, that’s that!  Better listen to what I say or else Santa is going to put coal in your stocking.   😉  Seriously though, hope you all have a stress free holiday spent with your loved ones!  xo Ali Bee