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5 Simple Tips to Being Happy

I’ve been religiously watching YouTube for a few months now, and I’ve really grown an appreciation for what it is.  One thing particularly though has made me fall in love with the beauty community on YouTube.  The more and more I watch and discover new channels, the more I run into videos made by beauty gurus who talk about how to be happy, love yourself, and so on.  SO MUCH POSITIVITY and I love it.  It’s exactly what I imagined my YouTube channel being like when I started it.  So inspired by MissMeghanMakeup, I decided to share 5 simple tips to being happy with you all.

 (click here to watch)

So do you have any tips on how to be happy?  What are some things you do regularly to turn your bad mood into a good one?  I would love to hear all about them so feel free to leave them in the comments section below here or on the video.  I really hope you all find these tips helpful!  xo Ali Bee


  1. Alicia Stone says:

    Love your video! I have to remind myself to be grateful once in awhile as well when I’m stressed out because I live a great life… you are looking beautiful and happy!

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