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The Diaries of a Bride-To-Bee Entry 1: The Beginning

As some of you may already know, I’m engaged…. have been for like forever now.  September 21, 2012 was the magic day!  Austin proposed to me on a stormy night just after we had a picnic inside with some bubbly.  It honestly wasn’t what I had expected – it was better.  Since September 2012, Austin and I have asked some of our closest friends to be in our wedding party, have had an engagement party, attended two bridal shows, bounced around wedding themes, built an inspiration board on Pinterest, made a WeddingWire account, started putting together a wedding planner notebook, and finally… picked a wedding date!  We will be tying the knot exactly a year from today on July 11, 2015!  I say finally because we literally went from wanting to get married Memorial Day weekend to waiting until June for better weather to bouncing around several dates in July.  But 7.11 was just sounding right.  Please tell me we’re not the only ones who struggled with picking a wedding date?!
It may seem like we probably got or should have gotten a pretty good head start on the wedding planning, but in all reality, all I’ve really been doing is preparing to prepare to have this wedding.  Yes, I’m the type of person who plans to plan… especially when it comes to something as important to me as our wedding!  Wanting to document our journey, share, and help other brides-to-bee, I decided to start this new blog series.  Exciting stuff, right?  Seriously though, it’s beginning to feel SO real [ bug eyed expression ].
Something I wanted to mention is that this series will only be me sharing with you all the steps I take to planning our big day.  Much of this may include what wedding planning app I am using, where I shopped for my dress, DIY center pieces, how I picked a wedding photographer, and so on. This is just me, a normal girl, planning my wedding, going through the stress and the excitement and sharing it with the world.
Okay, so let’s get started.  I debated on if I just wanted this post to be an opening, letting you all know that this is happening or if I wanted to also share something useful along with it.  I decided on the latter.  So this is going to be a long post, but hang in there with me, I promise it’ll be worth it!  🙂

Pinterest is your best friend…

First things first ladies, get inspired!  Okay, so I’m going to be honest, I probably began a wedding Pinterest board before Austin and I were even engaged.  In fact, I know I did.  But since we’ve been engaged, I’ve really honed in on what it is exactly that we want for our wedding.  That means going through your already made wedding Pinterest board and narrowing it down!  Trust me, I know having those 500 pins to look at is exciting, but when it comes down to actually planning the big day, they’re going to be seriously overwhelming. 

Originally I had a Pinterest board titled Dream Wedding – it holds any and every pin I’ve ever pinned that caught my eye when it comes to weddings.  When Austin and I got engaged, I skimmed through that board, bounced between a few themes, and finally we decided on one… which happens to be vintage circus with a splash of modern for those curious (I know it’s confusing, but we’ll get into that later).  Now, the great thing about Pinterest is that whether you’re the girl that is incredibly picky or the girl that loves everything you see, you can usually and eventually find yourself more drawn to one particular direction over the other.  For me it was a mixture of vintage (mason jars and vintage tins to hold flowers, rustic farm tables at the reception, and a Water for Elephants vibe) and modern (bold prints such as black and white stripes, bright and poppy colors).  

I know these are two very broad directions which is ultimately why we narrowed it down to a circus theme, but the point is, you’ll likely find in your already made Pinterest board that you have certain pins that seem to mesh well together.  That is your theme!  Now start a new Pinterest board and title it something like “Top Wedding Pins” or “My Wedding.”  Begin pinning your FAVORITE pins from your original board to the new board… but be sure they all flow well together and make sense.

Now if you’re one of those rare girls who has never created a wedding Pinterest board, then have no fear… just start one now!  I suggest searching things like weddings, wedding reception, wedding centerpieces, outdoor weddings, and so on and just go pin crazy!  Even if you’re iffy on a pin but sorta like it, pin it, you may find that you love it later.  After you’ve got 200+ pins, then let it all sit with you for a few weeks, maybe even a couple months.  If you’re on a time crunch, skim through it with your fiance, family, and friends.  But I still recommend giving it a couple weeks before you make any decisions on what your theme is.

Aha, here’s something you should consider, do you want the theme to be significant to you and your loved one’s story?  For example, I bounced around the themes vintage picnic and vintage circus for a LONG time.  I was drawn to a picnic theme because when Austin proposed we were supposed to go on a picnic at a park, but due to the weather, we moved our picnic indoors.  I was also drawn to a circus/festival theme because Austin and I reconnected at a local festival.  I had already really liked both of these themes, but they stood out to me just that much more because I felt that they were personal to us.

Okay, I promise we’re getting near the end of this post.  After all that is said and done and you have narrowed it down to let’s say anywhere from 50-200 pins (try really hard not to go over 200, it’ll start getting overwhelming again!), you should have a fairly clear idea of what you want your wedding to look like and what you need to make that happen.

Deciding on a budget – the earlier, the better…

Now you have to do something that’ll likely be uncomfortable, but it needs to be done before you do anything else… you need to decide on a budget.  Maybe you’re paying for it by yourselves, maybe your parent’s are helping, maybe your aunt is helping, whatever your situation is, it’s really important to find out your budget earlier rather than later.  So sit down and have the talk with whoever is helping with the funds of your wedding, show them your Pinterest board even, that’ll help you both get on the same page for what you hope to have and they’ll get a better idea of just how much they are able to help and that’ll give you an idea of how much you need to put into it, too.

Back to Pinterest…

Okay, now back to Pinterest.  I promise this is the end of this post.  Once you’ve got a set budget, what I suggest doing is going back to your narrowed down Pinterest board and begin separating your pins into categories like reception, centerpieces, table setting, ceremony, etc.  I did this by simply re-pinning them onto a new board.  This isn’t 100% necessary, especially if you only found yourself with a handful of pins on your narrowed down wedding Pinterest board, but for me, who has just over 150 pins, this really helped me organize my ideas and made it easier for me to find when I needed to go back and look at them.

If all these words are either beginning to not make sense, or you’re just tired of reading, then just head on over Pinterest and scroll through all my wedding Pinterest boards!  I’ve linked them down below for you.  Keep in mind I’m still in the process of categorizing and still have yet to make a table settings board!  Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover something new you love.  😉

It’s officially the end of this post!  If you stuck with me through it all, then thank you!  I hope my first post wasn’t too terribly lengthy and I really hope it wasn’t not helpful!  I’ve been absolutely loving the wedding planning process so far and I can’t wait to share more with you.  For all of you brides-to-bee out there, I would love to hear from you in the comments.  I want to know when you’re getting married and what your theme is if you have one yet!  Can’t wait to hear from you.  🙂  xo Ali Bee  p.s. Thank you to the lovely lady, Kaylee, for helping me decide on a name for this series.  You’re awesome! <3