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The Diaries of a Bride-To-Bee Entry 2: Start Booking

Here we go – round 2 of my Bride-To-Bee series!  If you missed the first post, you can find that here.  It’s been two months since we last talked wedding, and I’m actually impressed with how much I have gotten done since then, but also kind of freaking out because I mean it’s 10 months away!  I just know it’s going to fly by.
We booked a DJ!…
So what’s new?  Well, the biggest news is we officially booked a DJ!  Funny thing is when Austin and I first got engaged, we were considering not even having a DJ.  Like strictly doing live music and then just having someone help coordinate and get people moving from location to location.  Buuuttt then we realized that’s impossible and it’s way too expensive to have live music AND not everyone is going to feel the same jams, especially all night long.  So the first thing we booked was Ryan Keller who just happened to be rated Bride’s/Couple’s Choice on Wedding Wire two years in a row.  Oh, and he’s originally from our hometown.  It’s a win-win, right?  I love the idea of using local vendors/services as much as I can!  Besides all that awesomesauce, he seems just all around perfect.  Incredibly professional, personable, and caring.  Okay, things are getting cheesy here.  What I’m trying to say is he seems to genuinely care about his clients and what their wants and needs are.  That’s something I’m beginning to notice is somewhat rare in the wedding industry.  A lot of people just want your money and give you the cold shoulder if you ask too many questions – assuming, you’re just TOO picky to work with.
 (screen shot from here)
Why having a food truck is a great idea…
So YAY!  One thing booked and a bazillion more things to go.  We got this!  Our current mission is to book a photographer and a food truck.  Yes, a food truck.  When people ask what we’re thinking about doing for food and I say we’re having a food truck, they either say “oh, that’s so cool!” or they just stare at me dumbfounded and ask “and how is that going to work?”  Trust me, it works, and it works beautifully.  Three things  – 1. Easy set up/tear down, 2. Significantly cheaper than hiring a caterer, and 3. It’s fun and different!  Oh and bonus, the food is always GOOD as EFF.
(found on Google images)
We haven’t officially picked a food truck yet, but we have some meetings lined up and should have one booked by the end of October.  And as for the photographer, some meetings are lined up there, too.  I think narrowing down your favorites and then scheduling a meeting with them is your best option.  Don’t book someone as vital as a photographer, caterer, or DJ without first having a meeting.  Yes, you may LOVE their work/food/etc, but if they come off flakey, unprofessional, and so on, then you will be glad you met and had the opportunity to decide not to book them.  I’d much rather have a photographer with solid work and an awesome personality than a photographer who’s work I love but I don’t really connect with.  That’s just me though.
Uhh, I made another Pinterest board…
Yes, it’s true, I made yet another Pinterest board.  Okay, maybe I’m addicted, but I’m telling myself that it’s only because I’m a REALLY organized planner.  This time I’ve narrowed down my narrowed down.  I know it’s confusing.  Basically, I’m being extremely specific and particular about what I pin onto this board, only pinning the ideas I absolutely know I want to make happen at our own wedding.  I still have my categorized boards for things like ceremony decor, table settings, centerpieces, etc.  But this new board is just an overall look at the things I WILL be having at our own wedding.  It doesn’t even consist of 50 pins and it’s nice to just quickly glance over it to see what I need to work on in the near future.  Also, I set it as private!  So I can only see this board… leaving a little bit of a surprise to wedding guests who may follow me on Pinterest.We finally picked some damn wedding colors… 

Something that has been incredibly difficult for us is deciding on wedding colors.  Everyone always seems to ask, “what are your colors?”  And my answer used to be, “uhmm, we don’t really have colors…. oh, we have a theme though!”  And they’re just like “ohhh okay, yeah that’s cool.”  I thought I could get away without deciding colors, but I can’t.  And honestly, I feel a million times better and more confident now that we have colors.

(photo from Studio Mucci)

So how did I finally decide on colors?  I actually didn’t plan it, it just kind of happened.  I saw this tassel garland online and I was like, YES.  It was exactly how I pictured our circus themed wedding to look.  Yes, a piece of garland means that much to me.  I don’t know, maybe that’s weird, but I think seeing the colors all there together just helped me visualize it better.  And the colors are honestly ones I would have never thought looked good all together.  Okay, I’ll tell you the colors now, if you didn’t already see them in the photo, which you probs did… obviously.  We decided on turquoise, red, gold, black, peach, light pink, and yellow.  I know there’s not yellow in the garland, but we plan on having that added.  I love it!

The search for plus-size wedding dresses…
I also recently began my search for the perfect wedding dress.  Being just three sizes above the average bride, that unfortunately makes me “plus-size.”  No, I’m not even going to say unfortunately.  I’m not saying being plus-size is a bad thing, just plus-size brides are SO limited.  It’s not even right.  Think all those couture gowns you see and drool over on the run-way come in a size larger than 14?  Not usually!  And the sizes they do come in typically run small.  So I’ve been browsing sites like David’s Bridal and even found some super affordable plus-size wedding dresses on sites like ModCloth and Igigi.
(screen shot from ModCloth)
I was really nervous about wedding dress shopping because I am a bigger girl.  But doing my research and realizing that I’m not the only plus-size bootylicious bride out there searching for a figure flattering wedding dress has really put my mind at ease.  I even found some wedding dresses I really love that I know for sure come in my size.  
(screen shot from Igigi)
I think the best option for us plus-size brides is to go to a large bridal store like David’s Bridal, try on a number of silhouettes so we can get an idea of what shape we feel best in, and then shop from there.  Maybe you’ll fall in love with a dress there, or maybe you want to take a chance on a dress you found online (hopefully they allow returns and full refunds).  That’s my plan anyway!  If you’re a plus-size bride, let me know if you have any tips for me in the comments below!
Well that’s all that’s new in the wedding-planning world for now!  I’m wondering though, what has been your hardest part of wedding planning?  Was it the guest list, choosing the photographer, picking a wedding dress?  Let me know in the comments below!  Until next time, and as always, happy planning.  🙂  xo Ali Bee


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    EEE! Those wedding dresses are gorgeous! I think my fav is the one on the far left of the bottom picture with the gold around the waist. Perfect with your colors right!? 🙂

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