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Why Being Amazing at One Thing is Better than Being Good at Several

Let’s just talk about how I spent 20 minutes trying to come up with a catchy and short title for this blog post, but the best I could do was write these 13 words – why being amazing at one thing is better than being good at several.  It may possibly be the lengthiest title ever, but it tells exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this week’s Bizzy Tuesday post!

There are a bazillion reasons why it is important to be an expert at one thing as opposed to being good at a handful of things.  Not sure exactly what I’m referring to?  I’ll give an example… say you’re a portrait photographer – do you advertise yourself as that photographer who can shoot weddings, seniors, couples, families, children, newborns, boudoir, and so on?  OR do you advertise yourself as that photographer who specializes in senior portraits?  There’s definitely pros and cons to both, but in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons in the latter.  Here’s a list of reasons why…
  • Better Clients | Now, I’m not saying if you offer tons of services, the clients you attract aren’t any good, it’s just likely that they’re more on a search for the best price as opposed to on a search for the best photographer.  Someone who specifically wants professional boudoir portraits and truly cares about the quality is going to search for “boudoir portrait photographers,” not just “portrait photographers.”  Say she finds a photographer who shoots boudoir but also does weddings, seniors, families, children, and so on and she also finds a photographer who specializes in boudoir and glamour portraits – well, she’s most likely going to hire the photographer who has an expertise in photographing the type of portraits she’s seeking to have done.
  • More Money, Less Work | Aha, yes, it’s true.  If you specialize in something, then you may as well consider yourself an expert, and that means you can charge more because you’re awesome like that!  Seriously though, if you’re damn good at this one thing and you’re attracting clients who really value your talent, skill, time, and work; then they’re going to hire you whatever you charge!  Oh yeah, and the higher the cost for your services/product, then the more likely people will want it.  A high price is an easy way to let people know that you value what you do and you take it seriously.  It’s also a lot like designer handbags.  Sure, the quality of that Kate Spade bag is great and the design is beautiful, but it is SO expensive.  So why don’t we just go buy that faux leather bag at Forever 21?  Because we value the quality of that designer handbag and we respect it’s high cost… so much so, that we save up for it and then treat ourselves by purchasing it.  Being able to charge more also means we don’t have to work as often!  Maybe you want to be slammed, but it’s also nice to have the option of taking on less clients, making more time for yourself to recharge and also for the clients you already do have.  If this doesn’t sound like a win win, then I don’t know what does!
  • Love What You Do | There’s always going to be those certain things you dislike about a job, but being in charge of your own business definitely allows you to have more control over that.  When I first started out as a photographer, I did all kinds of photography work.  It’s important to experiment with many things when you first start out, but it’s just as important if not more important to drop the things you begin to dread.  For me, I learned I wasn’t the biggest fan of photographing weddings and families… so I eventually didn’t advertise that type of work as often and now I’m at a point where if I get an inquiry about that type of work, I decline and refer them to someone else who’s work I value and know they definitely offer what they are looking for.  It’s far too often that I talk to other photographers who claim there’s certain things they dislike photographing, yet they still offer what seems like anything and everything.  There’s no need for that!  Your clients deserve to have someone who is passionate about working with them and cares about what their needs are.  You ALSO deserve to always be passionate about the work that you do do. (insert poo emoji here)

Think about it though, all those people you truly look up to and admire, how did they get to the top?  Did they do it by doing a million different things well or did they do it by doing one thing amazingly?


  • Comment down below what the one thing is that you’re damn good at and passionate about?  Do you focus solely on that?  If no, what’s holding you back?

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