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Fall Makes Me Smile

Well, Fall is in full bloom here in Ohio.  The leaves are turning, the weather is the perfect temperature during the days and chilled at nights making it perfect for campfires.  I must admit, I do love the Fall season.  I only wish it lasted longer and Spring came right after!

With the new season, I’ve been snapping plenty of Instagrams.  From fallen leaves, orange pumpkins, purple mums, vibrant sunsets, new cozy shoes, Fall home decor, to one cute Daisy.

Pumpkins are one of my absolute favorite parts about the Fall time.  They remind me of Halloween and Halloween falls very close behind Christmas on favorite holidays for me.  Every year around this time, I purchase the best looking pumpkins from the grocery store and display them on our porch.  Sometimes we carve them, sometimes we paint them, and sometimes they’re just perfect the way they are!  🙂  I’d love to go pick my pumpkins out at a pumpkin patch one year!
I’m a real sucker for gorgeous sunsets.  I know summer is always filled with them, but sometimes I see the most beautiful of sunsets in the Fall!  In order to get this shot, I practically crawled over Austin as he was driving.  Whoopsie.
If you couldn’t tell already, I LOVE decorating our home.  So when new seasons and holidays start approaching, I’m all over it!  Remember earlier when I said I love pumpkins?  Well I can count 7 just in this photo… and I have even more in this house.
I knowwwww… more pumpkins!  But I just love this pretty purple mum my mom got us.  I love plants and flowers – indoor and outdoor!  I’ve always wanted to have Fall flowers, but just never have bought any.  I was pretty giddy when my mom told me she got this beauty for me.  What’s your favorite Fall flower?
Aren’t these moccasins just to die for!?  Okay, maybe you disagree.  Not everyone loves moccasins – but I do!  I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever owned a pair… except for those slippers you wear around the house.  I knew this year though I needed (yes needed) a pair.  Every season I seem to have a “go-to” pair of shoes that just go with everything and I can easily slip on and off.  I thought a pair of Minnetonka moccasins would be perfect for Fall and even early Winter.  If you’re thinking about a pair for yourself, this particular pair runs big, so I suggest sizing down a half size!
Lastly, our sweet Daisy with her friend, Stick.  Sike!  Daisy is anything but sweet.  Okay, maybe she can be sometimes.  She’s definitely growing on me.  If you didn’t know, Daisy is our new beagle puppy.  I first saw her at a local pet store when my sister and I went to look for fun.  I sort of fell in love with her at the store.  A short few days later, Austin and I bought her!  I was pretty against having a new puppy right now, but Austin had been begging me for years.  It’s taken some time to get used to the new routine and I quickly remembered how difficult raising a puppy can be!  Moments like this one here though make it all worth it.
What have you been loving about this Fall?  Do you love snapping pics of your favorite things just as much as I do?  Oh, and do you have an Instagram!?  If so, we should totally be friends there.  Go follow me – xoalibee.