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5 Things You Can Do To Wake Up Happy

Think about it… you sleep past your alarm, you stub your toe on the bed, you spill your coffee, you lose your phone, you get stuck in rush hour, you get into an argument with your boss, and the list goes on as the day goes on.  Sometimes all it takes is that one small, bad thing that happens in the morning and it sets us up for a horrible rest of the day… that is, depending on how we react to it.  If we respond negative by getting irritated and stressed, then that’s likely how the rest of our day will play out.  If you look at it as something small and not worth getting frustrated over, then you should have a wonderful day ahead of you, my dear!

I know it’s not always as simple at that, so I made a video that go over 5 SIMPLE things you can do each morning to help set yourself up for having an amazing and happy day!  From giving your loved one a good morning kiss to simply opening up those blinds, these 5 tips are something YOU can start utilizing tomorrow morning!  Though it’s not likely you need much help having an awesome Friday – yeah, Friday’s are just that cool already.

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