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Grungy Ghost Girl in the Cemetery / Photo Shoot

As you may have noticed, I struggled with what to title this blog post… and this photo shoot overall.  It’s a vision I had in my head for years now, but I just never took the time to make it happen.  Honestly, I don’t know why because it was pretty simple to throw together.  We didn’t over-think it.  Though I would love to do a shoot like this again with more thought, it was still incredibly fun and I think the final images turned out terrorific (I’m doing that cheesy Halloween joke again).
A long-lost friend of mine from my college days at Tiffin University had been wanting to get together to shoot.  Things popped up and got in our way of making this happen over and over again until finally we were like enough is enough, it’s going to happen!  And so it did!  A good friend of mine, Jessica, volunteered to model for us (she’s wonderful, right?).  I picked up a purple wig at Halloween City, told her to bring a selection of dresses, we teased her hair slightly and worked our magic!  😉
We decided Halloween would be the perfect day to share our images with you.  What a great idea, right?  So enjoy this spooky shoot we created… I’m calling it Grungy Ghost Girl in the Cemetery.

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