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BTC Headshots – F.A.Q.

The last few days I’ve been getting A LOT of questions about the Better-Than-Corporate Headshots experience and the early-bee special of $99.  I thought to myself late last night that some of these questions may actually be preventing some of you from booking before the early-bee sale ends.  Soooo… naturally, I’m here today to answer those questions!

  • Where are you located?  I am located in central Ohio.
  • Are you willing to travel?  Yes!  I am especially willing to travel all over Ohio and to surrounding states.  I will charge 55 cents per mile, but there’s always the option of meeting halfway to make that cost more affordable for you.  For example, a client lives in Buffalo, but we agreed to meet halfway in Cleveland.  It’ll only cost her an extra $50 – $60.  Not too bad!
  • If I book your early-bee special now, do I have to have my session now, or can I wait until warmer weather?  Yes, of course!!!  It’s actually very common for my clients to book during this time of year, but plan to have a Spring session.
  • Do I have to pay the full $99 at the time of booking?  Nope.  You actually are only required to pay a nonrefundable deposit of $45 when booking.  The rest will be due a week before your session.  So, if you sign the contract and pay the $45 deposit before New Year’s Day, you will get to take advantage of the early-bee special and will only owe $54 opposed to $83 (regular price in full is $128).
  • How do I pay you?  You can either pay me with a check via snail mail OR you can pay via PayPal, which is what many clients prefer.
  • Do you work with men?  My brand actually focuses solely on women, but I have photographed men in the past and am still open to doing so.  It’s currently off-season aka it’s winter and not many people book photo shoots, so I am a little less busy and less booked up than usual.  That means, if you are a man entrepreneur or maybe your husband is and they are interested, now is the time to ask about booking!  Once things pick up and the schedule gets fuller, I will unfortunately have to turn down working with men and go back to focusing on what I specialize in, which is photographing women.  Seriously though, no hate towards men, I just have a special connection with women entrepreneurs and it’s my passion to work with them so it’s my job to put their needs first!
If you have any questions about the Better-Than-Corporate Headshots experience or the early-bee special that is currently going on, please reach out to me!  Comment below or email me personally at alibeephotography@yahoo.com.
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