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7 Ways to Relax

It’s safe to say that I’ve been on edge lately.  Being just under 6 months away from our July wedding, we’re in knee deep with all the planning.  Not to mention, there’s just something about mid-winter that makes everything feel a bit more stressful.  Now, if I could snap my fingers and it be a warm, sunny day in July, and all the wedding planning was left up to someone else, then I guess I wouldn’t be writing this post.  But that’s not the case, so here I am with 7 ways you can relax… like rrreeeellllaaaaxxxx (slow-mo voice).


Here we go…

  1. First up, take deep breaths.  You’ve probably heard this one a thousand times, but it really does work.  This is something I like to do right before I can feel a breakdown coming.  I can always tell when I’m about to burst into tears or feel like screaming.  Breath in with your nose, breath out with your mouth, breath in with your nose, breath out with your mouth.  This simple trick goes a long way!
  2. How about meditating?  Yep, that works, too.  Similar to taking deep breaths, but this is something I like to do shortly after I wake up.  Sometimes we have those days where we just wake up feeling overwhelmed.  Well nip it in the bud!  Try sitting on your floor, crossed legs, and legit meditate.  It can be difficult to try and not think of anything for several minutes, but just even controlled thoughts for 10 minutes will go a long way with helping you have a stress-free day.
  3. Taking a walk never fails at relaxing me.  There’s just something about breathing in fresh air and being active that gets the good blood flow going.  If it’s brutally cold where you live then taking a walk might not be an option, but something as simple as stepping outside and perhaps walking around your yard or house can help energize your mind.
  4. Have your favorite drink.  Whether it be a glass of wine, some hot tea, a cup of joe – whatever it is that soothes your insides can make a huge difference in your overall stress levels.  So, sit back and enjoy!
  5. Try talking to a friend.  Sometimes I just need to get what I’m feeling out in the open, so I talk to my fiancé, Austin, or a family member.  Having someone just listen to how you feel and being there for moral support is sometimes all you need.  Knowing that someone has your back and is there for you truly makes a difference in how we handle our feelings.
  6. Who doesn’t love shopping?  Okay, maybe I’m giving you a good excuse to be a shopaholic, but seriously – just going to Target or the shoe store makes me feel so much better.  I think I love it so much because it’s just really nice to get out of the house and do something fun!  So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be shopping, but just anything to get you out of the house and having a good time can get those positive spirits back up and running.
  7. One of my personal favs is ASMR.  A lot of people have never heard of ASMR, so I’ll give you an example that most can relate to – remember being a kid and seeing a girl in your class get her hair played with and how it made you sleepy by just watching?  Well, that’s basically ASMR.  It’s things like hair brushing, tapping, and hand movements that relax your brain, make you sleepy, and sometimes gives you a tingly sensation on the top of your scalp.  Sounds a little weird, right?  Well, it’s glorious and has worked wonders for me.  I have a really hard time getting to sleep at night – I toss and I turn and my mind never shuts off.  Watching an ASMR video on YouTube right before bed really helps calm me down and prepare me for a good night’s slumber.  Seriously, try it sometime!

Doing something positive will help turn your mood around.  When you smile, your body relaxes.” – Simone Elkeles

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