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5 Tips To Taking The Perfect Selfie

We all do it.  We do it in bed, we do it in the car, we do it in the bathroom, we do it when no one’s looking, we sometimes even do it in public.  Sometimes it takes 1 minute and sometimes it take 20 minutes.  Sometimes we smile and sometimes we don’t.  Whatever your preference is, what we all have in common is that we all do it and we all want it to be perfect.  We all snap those shameless selfies.  What did you think I was talking about?


What is a shameless selfie?  It’s loving ourselves and feeling beautiful in our own skin and not caring if the world sees us as self absorbed when we post a good ol’ camera phone selfie to Instagram. BAM.  #shamlessselfie

So, being the selfie lover that I am and knowing a thing or two about photographing portraits, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips today!  After all, it is Random Thursday, and I think we deserve some self-loving fun!  Here’s what makes the perfect selfie…

  1. Amazing lighting.  You can’t have the perfect selfie without great lighting!  So find a window, go outside, whatever you need to do to find lighting that flatters your gorgeous complexion and makes those eyes sparkle!
  2. Steady grip.  Maybe this is why the selfie stick was invented.  Sometimes it can be hard to grip your phone well enough that you can get a great angle and not shake the phone while clicking the shutter.  Wait, is it still called a shutter on an iPhone?  Anyways, crisp, clear selfies are the best kind of selfies!
  3. Mascara.  I’m all for naked face selfies, but I still can’t believe how big of a difference a little mascara makes.  It opens your eyes up and really makes your entire face shine.  I know it sounds weird.  But by all means, if you’re determined to take a naked face selfie, then rock it, girl!
  4. The right angle.  Literally.  Hold your phone right in front of your face, move it forward until your arm is almost straight, then move your arm up and tilt.  Kind of creating an L shape with your movements.  Again – hold, forward, up, tilt.  I know I probably sound ridiculous.  But it seriously works.  Holding the camera slightly above parallel from your face and then tilting it down at you is a seriously flattering angle.  I rarely shoot selfies any other way!
  5. Yourself.  Duh!  The most vital part of taking the perfect selfie is to be yourself!  Smile, be silly, be serious, be sexy, be dramatic, whatever it is that you are – be that.  And have fun doing that!  Don’t forget to do it with full confidence  😉  Promise it goes a long way.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking this post is totally obnoxious and saying to yourself, “selfies really aren’t THIS important.”  Well, I agree… this post is silly, but it’s meant to be fun and actually helpful.  But yes, selfies are this important believe it or not.  We don’t take selfies for other people, we take them for ourselves.  Because showing off how good you feel is promoting confidence and having confidence is so important, especially for women in today’s world.  So hell yeah, I’m a proud promoter of the #selfie hashtag!  Got your hair did and feeling fabulous?  Then you know what time it is – it’s selfie time!

BONUS TIP – If you really want to give your selfies the “wow factor,” then try editing them with filters on an app like Afterlight or VSCO Cam.

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