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The Diaries of a Bride-To-Bee Entry 5: Accessories

Last week we talked all about finding the gown, this week, we’re going to talk about picking your gown accessories!  It’s a current journey I’m going through and I’ve learned a few things a long the way that I thought I’d share with you all.

I have to admit, I think I have always been more excited to pick my headpiece than find my dress.  There’s just something about a dreamy headpiece that says, “you’re one gorgeous bride.”  Months before I found my dress,  I already had several headpieces in mind…


Once I picked my gown and it was nothing like I imagined myself to wear, I realized I may have a problem with the headpieces I had been dreaming of.  I thought – What if they don’t match?  What if it’s too much?  What if a headpiece won’t look good at all with this dress?  I posted on weddingbee.com in search for some advice, but all it was doing is confirming that my doubts were totally relevant.  Yikes.

Most of the comments I got were something like, “I think anything too large will be too much” and “all the headpieces you like are very floral, maybe you should find something more modern or even consider a simple ribbon.”  All things I absolutely dreaded hearing.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the advice and opinions, but having this dramatic headpiece was a dream of mine and I wasn’t going to settle for something small or a boring ol’ ribbon.

I did however take the advice to look for something less floral and something more modern or geometric.  It was a whole new direction, but I wasn’t hating it…


It seemed to all be a lot like dress shopping.  The more I looked and the more opinions I got, the more confused I became.  How did I not see this coming?  And as though I haven’t already learned my lesson the first or second time, I went around and did the exact same thing with my shoes.

Again, I already had shoes in mind before picking my dress.  Once I got my dress, I didn’t think too much about whether or not they would match.  I was actually pretty dead set on a glittery wedge from JCrew.  I was all ready to purchase what I thought was my dream wedding shoe, but then I realized they don’t make the shoe anymore and literally the only place you can find them is on eBay.  And guess what, eBay doesn’t have my size!  I thought, well, I could wait to see if someone on eBay sells this shoe in my size at some point before the wedding… or I could continue looking to see if I find anything better.  I decided to continue my search…


Looking at my other options did make me realize that the shoe I originally had picked out (JCrew wedge) might not match the headpiece I’ll end up with.  I also looked into shoes much fancier and then shoes much more casual.  It all depends on what look you’re going for and what’s important to you – casual, fun, comfort, sexy, sparkle?

While we’re on the topic of accessories, we may as well chat about the most important accessory of all – the wedding band.  Ah picking a wedding band, another battle for me.  I’m definitely noticing a pattern here and I’m coming to the realization that I have a seriously hard time making decisions… especially when they are these once in a lifetime decisions.

I’ll save you the agony of listening to yet another story about how indecisive I am and just get on with what I narrowed it down to.  Since my engagement ring sits really low, any straight diamond band wouldn’t sit flush against my e-ring.  For some people this is no big deal, but for me, I wasn’t sure if I was okay with that.  So, we went to our local jewelers to find out our options and were told we could do one of three things – get a curved diamond band, get a plain gold band and cut a notch in it to fit with my e-ring, or get something completely custom made.  I decided on the second option.  I liked how a plain band looked against my e-ring and felt it really enhanced it.  But, I also fell in love with a bezel band that I found on Etsy.  So, after some discussing and researching, I decided to go for the double band look, creating a stack – engagement ring, plain band, then diamond band.  I think it’ll look lovely!  🙂  Finally, a decision I pretty much made on my own!  The only decision left with my wedding band is whether to get the plain band in yellow gold or white gold.  My fiance, Austin, may be getting a yellow gold band, so his decision will kind of determine which direction I go.


Phew, we’re getting to the end of this post!  Now that I’ve shared with you all the options I’ve been considering, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally narrowed things down.  Let me know what you think in the comments below  🙂




If I had to give any tip to the bride who is currently searching for the perfect gown accessories, I’d say to think about your overall look.  What do you imagine yourself looking like?  Do you want to mix metals or stick with one color?  Do you want your wedding day look to scream fun?  Sexy?  Romantic?  Princess?  Angelic?  The options are endless and don’t be afraid to be unique.  And if you think something might not match but you REALLY love it, wear it anyway.  As long as you feel beautiful and confident, anything goes!

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