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The Swing of Things

Oh my goodness.  I can’t even begin to describe how much I have missed writing and creating for you all.  Yes, the break was totally necessary and extremely rejuvenating, but I’m so happy to be back.  This blog is my baby and you all are my favorite people… my biggest support system.  Thank you for being patient with me and understanding my need for a break to better myself!


So how do we pick up from where we left off?  Well, I’m not really sure.  I guess I’ll start with why I took a break to begin with.  A month ago I was waking up every morning feeling tired, worn down, unhappy, and had little to no motivation.  I simply wasn’t feeling good about myself or my life.  Luckily, I knew that there was only one person who could take control and turn things around for me and I knew that person was me. 

So how exactly did I better myself over this past month?  I decided to take a step back from my business, the blog, and social media.  I spent less hours looking at a computer screen and more hours with my family and interacting with others.  I bought a pair of sneakers and began taking walks in the cemetery.  I applied for 15+ job openings and went on 3 job interviews (more on that later).  I had a good cry on a rainy day.  I went shopping… more than once.  I started using my planner again.  I’ve been waking up earlier.  I cuddle my fiancé more often.  I’ve spent more time planning our wedding instead of stressing over it.  I celebrated my fiancé being born 26 years ago.  I started cleaning out my closet by selling items on Instagram.  I discovered Panera’s salads are delicious.  Basically I’ve been living life proactively and cutting time out of my days to do something that I find enjoyable and completely unrelated to work.  Now breath in that fresh air!

I didn’t plan on coming back today.  I just felt in the mood.  I didn’t sit down and make a blogging schedule for this month.  I haven’t taken any steps in deciding what’s next for Ali Bee.  I just opened a blank page and decided, I’m going to write today.  So here I am, getting back into the swing of things.  I’m thrilled to be back and I can’t wait to write my next post later this week… whatever that may be!

Again, thank you for always standing by me on this journey of mine.  I don’t care how hard life gets or how many turns it takes, I know being right here on the blog is something I’ll always strive for.  xo


  1. Savanna says:

    This is amazing, Ali. Congrats on all of it, seriously. Go slow, take your time – your having taken a break will put you miles ahead of everyone else. Can’t wait to see where you go x

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      Thank you for your encouragement and well wishes, Savanna! I sure hope you’re right 🙂 xo

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