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The Pros + Cons to Working from Home

Many people believe that working from home is a privilege and oh so glamorous.  To some extent, they are right.  But myself and anyone else out there that works from home realizes that there’s usually cons to every situation, including the one where you get to do your work from the comfort of your own home.


In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about some of the not-so-glamorous parts of working from home.  Of course I need to leave you on a positive note, so I’ll also be sharing with you my best kept secrets to taking full advantage of the pros, ultimately outweighing the cons by an ample amount.

So what exactly isn’t so great about it?

  • You don’t get to wear cute office clothes.  FALSE.  While there isn’t necessarily a requirement to dress business casual while sitting in your home office, let’s be real here, sitting on your couch, there is the freedom of getting to wear whatever you want.  Most think, “awesome, I can stay in my PJ’s all day!”  Yeah, that’s cool… for like a day.  Okay, maybe a week.  But after that, we want to feel professional and look the part.  Am I right, ladies?  So why not add some hot new blazers to your wardrobe?  No one said you weren’t allowed.
  • Your job isn’t as important.  FALSE.  Some people seem to believe that just because you have the choice of rolling out of bed to grab your laptop and work, that your job isn’t as important as their big corporate gig.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Your time is valuable.  The efforts you put into your work is just as creditable as your cocky friend.  Don’t let this assumption keep you from believing that you are a successful, working woman.
  • Since you work from home, you should probably be responsible for all the household duties.  FALSE.  Another one that drives me crazy.  Luckily, I have a fiancé that doesn’t see it this way.  I know working from home can make us feel a bit lazy at times and like we’re here, so we might as well take charge of the cleaning and the cooking.  In fact, I read  a statistic that 35% of those who work from home claim to do household chores when they should be working.  That is so ridiculous.  Having to manage our time and work efficiently in a home environment can be tough stuff.  It’s not always easy peasy lemon squeezy.  The beautiful part is that we have full control over what we do and when we do it.  It’s up to us to set aside time to be 100% professional and productive in our work.  You and your spouse should SHARE the household responsibilities!  Ah-ah-ah… Drop that swiffer duster right now, Missy!
  • You don’t get to have any human interaction.  Yawns.  FALSE.  Some of you are probably like, “wait, no human interaction… this is totally a pro, not a con.”  If so, I’m giggling with you.  I can totally understand how this may seem like a pro, but trust me, after years of working at home by myself, there are days where I’d be cool with hanging out with my creepy next door neighbor.  That’s how bored and lonely I can get.  But who says working from home has to be all about me, myself, and I?  Why not meet clients in person (Skype is overrated), work a couple hours at your nearby coffee shop, or simply break up your day in half and have lunch with a friend.

These are the “cons” that used to eat away at me and that I see eating away at others who also work from home, but honestly, when it comes down to it – it all just makes me realize how much more control I have over my schedule and my life because I work from home.  Hell, I can work in my high school prom dress at the McDonald’s down the street if I want to.  The awesome thing about working from home is that you’re able to create a schedule and career that caters to the lifestyle that you dream of having.

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