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The Diaries of a Bride-To-Bee Entry 6: 3 Month Mark

After being engaged for 2 years and 7 months, Austin and I have finally made it to the 3 month mark!  I’m not sure if it’s because our engagement is a long one or if this happens to all brides-to-bee, but when the hell is it going to feel real!?


So far, April has been jam packed with wedding planning and DIY’s.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy ride all the way up until wedding day.  I’m ready for it though.  And I hope you’re ready for this post, because I’m about to lay it all out there.  From ring shopping, to cake tasting, to DIY’s galore!

The attire…

After saying “I’m down with the gown,” I was ready to move on to what I was looking forward to most, buying my accessories.  I talked all about accessories in the last Bride-To-Bee post, so if you’d like to do a quick catch up, you can find that here.  Since then, I’ve bought my shoes, my headpiece, and some earrings.

I bought the shoes with complete confidence.  I always figured that I’d want a wedge shoe with a heel not too incredibly high.  I mean, I don’t want to fall on my ass walking down the aisle.  But after trying on the shoes a few times, I began to wonder if the heel was high enough.  To be honest, I basically feel like I’m wearing flats.  I was never that girl who wore heels, until about three years ago when I bought my first pair, and my heel collection has been growing ever since.  There’s just something about a high heeled shoe that makes you walk with confidence and feel beautiful.  That’s exactly how I want to feel on my wedding day.  So, is this inch and a half heel going to cut it?  For the moment, I’ve told myself they will.  The shoe is beautiful, comfortable, and goes great with my dress.  I figure, at the end of day, I’ll be happier about being able to still walk in my shoes opposed to feeling like a super model bride the first couple of hours, then my feet being in pain and agony the rest of the day.  Let me go ahead and apologize in advance for this awkward photo of my feet.  It’s literally impossible to get a good photo of your own feet, but I wanted to share the shoes with you all!


I honestly didn’t think it would be the shoes that made me feel like a bride, or even the dress… I’ve always thought it would be all about the headpiece.  Many were telling me to go for a simpler headpiece because they thought my dress was too busy for something grand.  But, I didn’t listen to them.  I personally think my dress is more on the plain side, and it’s definitely lacking sparkle, so I took the plunge and bought a dream headpiece.  I haven’t really been able to try it on yet, but next week I have a hair trial and I will be sure to take plenty of photos!  Here’s a photo from the website and another bride to get you through until then…


Let’s move on to earrings.  I was at Kohl’s with my sister one night, actually looking for earrings that I could possibly give to my bridesmaids, but I found earrings I liked for myself instead – go figure!  They’re a pair of LC studs that have an art deco feel, which I love.  Our theme is kind of a Water for Elephants vibe with some modern touches, so I felt like a pair of art decor earrings fit the theme just right.  I had some concerns though – the back of the earring was gold and I’m wearing all silver; did they go okay with my floral headpiece; and were they special enough?  All super valid concerns, right?  Well, Austin and I were at Nordstrom one beautiful afternoon, and I stumbled upon a gorgeous pair of Kate Spade earrings that were little, tiny knots.  Like, tying the knot… adorable, right!?  Decisions, decisions…


The girl’s said yes to their dress!  Did I tell you all that, yet?  Gosh, I can’t even remember.  Seriously, everything is starting to run together.  I don’t want to post any photos of them in the sample dresses they tried, because I mean, that would be weird and I totally don’t think they’d be into that – but I’m thrilled to say that I think they all like the dress and I think they all will look absolutely gorgeous.  Best part is, the straps of the dress are convertible and it can be worn practically any way they’d like!

THEIR_DRESSLast, but certainly not least, my man ordered his sexy suit.  Let me tell you, I cannot wait to see Austin in this super chic Vera Wang dark gray suit with a skinny black tie.  He’s going to be looking so fly, probably more fly than me!  His groomsmen will be wearing the same suit minus the jacket.  It’s an outdoor ceremony in the middle of July – we didn’t want to be too cruel to the boys.  By the way, shopping for the groom is easy as pie compared to shopping for the bride.  We looked at some suits online, both decided gray and black looked best, but black was too harsh for an outdoor summer wedding.  We then went into Men’s Wearhouse with a gray suit in mind, had two options (light and dark), and in just a few seconds, decided the dark gray would look the best on everyone.


The rings…

So, yeah, wedding bands.  You’d think that wedding bands are a pretty big deal, right?  Well, I never took much time to think about what type of wedding band Austin and I would have.  I had this beautiful engagement ring and it never dawned on me to think about what kind of wedding band would look good with it.  That is, until about two months ago.  I quickly became wedding band obsessed aka picky as ever.  I’m still on the search for my perfect wedding band, but good news, we did purchase a band for Austin!  That was kind of a journey in itself, I was shocked at how picky he was, but I’m super glad about it.  To me, it shows that he truly does care about this piece of jewelry that he’ll have on his hand forever.  He ended up deciding on a thicker black cobalt band with two sterling silver inlays.  I love how modern it looks and the darker metal looks super masculine.  I dig whatever he digs!  His ring was purchased from the Diamond Cellar during their biggest weekend sale.  If I remember correctly, his ring was 25% off, which was pretty awesome.  They had impressive customer service and selection – I’d totally recommend them.



Cake and cocktails…

Cake tasting was one of the funnest parts of wedding planning so far.  It was something Austin and I did totally on our own, and how could tasting cakes not be fun?  We only tried two places before deciding on our perfect cake baker.  First up, was a local place.  We live in a small town and the options are pretty limited.  We called to try and schedule an appointment, but she said to just come on in.  So, we went in with notepads and photos, but were incredibly disappointed with the service.  She simply asked us when the wedding was, how many people were invited, and told us she’d pencil us in.  I insisted on showing her some photos of our ideas and she confirmed that they were all doable.  We then asked her about what flavors she had and her answer was that she could do just about anything.  Austin asked if we would be able to try some of the flavors, and of course she didn’t have any prepared.  Hello, lady… this is kind of why we called in advance to set up a meeting – so we could try some flavors and see some of your work!  She didn’t have anything to show us.  Well, her next move was informing us that she could get some cupcakes made for and that they would be ready for pick up later in the week.  So, since she said she could do just about anything flavor wise, we began requesting flavors.  Chocolate, of course.  Vanilla, duh.  Then Austin asked if she could do something with peanut butter.  Her answer was no.  I asked if she could do something light like a banana flavor.  Again, her answer was no.  Okay, girlfriend, you’re starting to tick me off.  She ended up only having the basic flavors – chocolate, vanilla, carrot, strawberry, and some of those could be done with fruit fillings.  Oh yeah, that’s just about anything.  Not.


I was starting to freak out because we really only had two other local options and I wasn’t hearing great things about either of them.  Thankfully, I got this random message from a bride friend who lives in the Columbus area.  She highly recommend that I check out who she was using, Bella Cakes by Beth, even though they were an hour away from our venue.  Luckily, my aunt offered to pay for our cake and gave us a pretty large budget to work with, so delivery was an option.  I am so stinkin’ happy we decided to contact Beth, because she ended up offering us free delivery and she’s been just an absolute joy to work with.  When we went in for our meeting, she provided over a dozen flavors for us to try and we discussed designs and what our options were.  It was certainly a breath of fresh air compared to our last cake meeting.  Austin and I talked it over during lunch and quickly decided she was our girl.  We’ve decided to go with a 3 tiered cake and 100 cupcakes.  Our flavors?  Oh man, get ready for this – oreo, salty caramel, vanilla bean, banana split, and red velvet.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Another fun part about wedding planning is picking out your signature cocktail!  Why does everything revolved around food and drinks have to be so much fun!?  Austin and I knew we wanted something that tasted like lemonade.  Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks and we thought it was super fitting for a July wedding.  I began searching online for cocktails that had the ingredient and picked out a handful of my favorites.  My mom and I ran around town picking up all the ingredients and we made a fun night out of it.  My family, Austin, and I took turns tasting each drink, narrowing it down, and finally decided on something totally refreshing and tasty!  We decided to name it “My Main Squeeze.”  I don’t mean to be cocky, but I still can’t get over how adorable the name we chose is.  I’d share with you all the ingredients, but I like to try and keep some things a surprise for our guests.  😉


Decor and DIY’s…

Where to begin.  Recently, we’ve been getting more into all of the small details.  What’s going to be on the tables?  What kind of cake stand do we want?  What lighting are we going to use?  What do we want to use as our card box?  What kind of escort cards do we want?  And I can go on and on and on…

Instead of jumping into all of the details, I figured I’d just quickly share with you some of the recent photos I’ve been snapping of the decor and projects we’ve been working on.  A lot of things are works in progress and really look like nothing at this point, but I’m starting to see a vision and that vision is beautiful. 🙂



Sorry for the super random selection and quality in photos!  I wish I had the time to take pretty photos of everything along the way, but when you’re planning a wedding, there’s just simply not enough time for that.  Luckily, we’ve hired an incredible photographer who will be able to capture our day in the most beautiful way!

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    okay, i absolutely looooove that you’re doing a water for elephants type theme. that headpiece is gorgeous and something i can totally see the main character wearing.

    congrats on your wedding! <3

    xo, allie

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      Ahh thanks so much, girl! I hope the headpiece ends up working out because I totally love it, too 🙂 Thanks for poppin’ by! xo

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      Hoping so!! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and stopping by the blog! Can’t wait to share photos of the actual day so you can see how the chandeliers and canopy work out! 😉 xo

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