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#fireworkpeople aren’t catfish

#Fireworkpeople.  You heard of it, right?  If not, then where have you been?  Under a rock, I assume.  *Let’s out a big sigh.*  I guess I can tell you what exactly #fireworkpeople is for those who do not know.  #Fireworkpeople is a community for women who want to change the world.  Simple as that.  It’s a group of over 1,600 women who continuously encourage and inspire one another.  Literally, these girls are changing the world.  I have never met such GOOD people in my life until I joined this community.  That being said, you should totally join in on this awesomeness, if you haven’t already.  Like, seriously.  How could you not?


Since September, I have been a part of this beautiful community.  That’s nearly 9 glorious months of exchanging words of love and encouragement via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and text message.  While it is incredibly awesome having such soulful internet friends, it’s even better when they become real-life friends.  🙂  So, this past weekend,  I made a roadtrip to Indianapolis where I had the opportunity to meet 12 of these girls in REAL LIFE.  Literally, a dream come true.

The whole night before, I tossed and turned.  The day of, I shook with nervousness as I put on my makeup.  And as I walked into the hostel, where I was greeted by these beautiful real-life faces, the nerves disappeared and I felt completely at home.


I want to thank the leader of this group and good friend of mine, Ashley, for allowing such an awesome weekend to be possible.  Heck, I want to thank her for ever starting this community.  You all build me up.  You encourage me.  You inspire me. And most importantly, you make me feel as if I have a purpose.  Thank you!


If you’d like to join the #fireworkpeople community, join the Facebook group here and be sure to join in on our Twitter parties, Tuesday nights at 9pm EST.  I promise, you won’t regret it.  See you there!  🙂


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