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The Diaries of a Bride-To-Bee Entry 8: Bachelorette Party

Well, well, well… here we are exactly 1 month before the big day.  Even though we have a million and one things still left to do, this past weekend we took the time to have one last hoo-hah!  Or as we like to call it, #GrandFinAli15.  Austin and I both had our bachelorette and bachelor party on Saturday and Sunday was my bridal shower.  First off, I must say how blessed we are to have such incredible people in our lives that care about us so much.  I always hear brides and grooms talk about how lucky they feel, and now I understand why.

So, this bachelorette party… I couldn’t have imagined it going any more perfect than it did.  We went to a Cirque du Soleil show, which was one hell of a show.


My aunt embarrassed me, of course, and made me pose in this prop they had at the show.  I held up a line of little kids.  Whoopsie!  I guess it wouldn’t be a proper bachelorette party if I didn’t have to do something embarrassing at some point in the night!


An attempt at taking a decent photo all together at the show.  This is the best we could do… #fail


We had reservations at Molly Woo’s at 6:45pm.  The show ended up not ending until about 7pm.  And Molly Woo’s was about a 20 minute drive.  Yikes!  We still felt it was necessary to stop and try to take a selfie.  Obviously, we’re not very good at it.  *Cough* Brittney’s too short *cough.* #failagain


We may have been over an hour late to Molly Woo’s, but we made it!  Thankfully, they saved our reserved room for us and we got exceptional service AND exceptional food.  This could have been a disaster, but it worked out just fine!  🙂 #notafail


My Aunt Becky snapped this random photo of me at dinner and surprisingly, I actually really like this photo of me.  Definitely better than the first photo she snapped of me! 😉


Now, the real party begins.  We headed back home to my parent’s house where Jessica surprised me with penis straws and other goodies from Lion’s Den.  Thanks, Jess… can always count on you to liven up the party!  😉


Some other girl’s met up with us to join the fun.  Oh and Michelle brought pink Jell-O shots.  Those may or may not have been gone by the end of the night…

photo 1

It wasn’t long after we got home that the bachelorette party became a giant bach crash.  Yes, the boys joined us and things got pretty interesting after that.  Some people swam in their underwear and others were falling asleep in the hot tub.  Oh boys, drinking isn’t for kids! (Thanks for snapping this one, Jess… this photo may be the best of the night)


Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without getting  photo with my hubby-to-bee.  Just wish I would have caught him before he was drunk as could be and had trouble standing!  One to show the kids, right?


Okay, let’s skip over me being the last one awake (and surprisingly feeling pretty good), someone accidentally taking my phone home, getting only 3 hours of sleep, and realizing my bridal shower dress shrunk and was now a little too short for comfort.  Yes, the next afternoon was bridal shower time!  I’m just super glad I wasn’t feeling too terrible, only tired.  Even though I look like I hit a brick wall in this photo.  All these other ladies look pretty good!  😉


My Aunt Becky threw my bridal shower for me and she did a beautiful job.  I was so impressed by her creativeness.  If there’s been a time that’s made me feel most like a bride, it was definitely at the bridal shower.  Nope, not dress shopping.  Not wedding band shopping.  Not even drinking out of penis straws at the bachelorette party!  But the fact that these people came from all directions to celebrate this special time with me.  Showering us with gifts and being good sports when we played the toilet paper wedding dress game.  I felt like a true bride in these moments.

Next up, wedding day!  I’m hoping to do one last update on the blog until then, but I really can’t make any promises at this point.  I have a feeling things are going to get pretty insane around here.  Cheers to the final 30 days!

P.S. I feel like you should know that I wrote this post while sick with a mystery illness that includes a fever.  Explains why my writing may sound terrible!  LOL.  I feel like the stress is making me sick.  So, I think that calls for extra long naps and a couple days break from all this wedding planning.