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Confetti Soul Sisters

So, remember that one time I went to Indianapolis and got to meet a handful of the #fireworkpeople?  Yeah, how could you forget!  I already filled you in on how incredible that weekend was here.  What I didn’t tell you too much about was how I got to photograph 6 beautiful ladies.

When I packed my bags for the trip, I wasn’t so much worried about whether or not I packed my toothbrush or if I packed enough underwear.  My main concern was, “is this enough confetti?”  That’s right, I literally packed pounds of confetti, bubbles, balloons, and sparklers.  I basically was carrying around a bag of fun.

When I arrived, well about 5 minutes before I arrived, the sunshiny day decided to take a turn.  We’re talking buckets of rain.  I began to panic.  I really wasn’t prepared for moving the shoot indoors.  I didn’t bring my studio lights and the girl’s were staying at a hostel.  I wasn’t sure what backup plan I was working with.  My fiance, Austin, just kept telling me it would be all right and that everything would work out.  Thank goodness for him!

The guy who ran the hostel was super chill and showed me a room that wasn’t being used.  It was extremely small and very minimal window light, but we could make do.  It wasn’t ideal, but it was almost better putting us inside.  I had no idea how BIG of a mess we were about to make!


These girls – Hannah, Destiny, Ashley, Colette, Katelyn, and Jessica – have become my confetti soul sisters.  I think we can all agree that a day’s spent throwing confetti at one another may have been the best therapy ever.  If you’re interested, we’re now a traveling confetti throwing business.  😉

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  1. Kercia says:

    ALI!!! I have so much love for this post, you and these ladies…and confetti!! I died laughing that your main concern was having enough confetti!! I’m so happy everything worked out – the photos are radiant, I love how everyone personality shows through!! so stinkin’ CUTE!!! <3

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      Hahah thank you, Kercia!! Maybe one day we’ll be able to throw confetti at you! 😉 xo

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