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The Diaries of a Bride-To-Bee Entry 9: Engagement Photos

We are another day closer to this wedding.  I mean a whole 15 days.  I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

A couple days ago, Austin and I decided to take some updated engagement photos.  Yes, we’ve been engaged long enough that it’s been 2 years since we’ve taken professional photos together.  We didn’t want to only have photos of us from 2013 at the wedding, so sure, 2 weeks before the big day is a great time to decide to take some new engagement photos!  We got a little dulled up, and by dulled up, I mean I put on fake lashes, and we headed to the park!  Austin, my camera, my tripod, and I.  That’s how we roll!



FUN FACT:  I’m actually not wearing my engagement ring in these photos.  My ring is at the jewelers getting part of my wedding band soldered to it.  A fake diamond band did the trick though!  😉10Blog

FUN FACT:  Austin was making jokes and we were watching baby geese right before this photo.  So these are on the verge of being genuine smiles!  Those are the best kinds of photos.  🙂3Blog

We managed to get 4 pretty good ones.  Taking your own engagement photos is tough stuff.  But 4 is plenty 🙂  I would have been happy if we just got one great one!

Well, I can’t stay long – I’m off to wrap up all the last minute wedding projects, the finalized day-of timeline, escort cards, and tally up just how much alcohol we will need!  We are going to be busy bees over these next 2 weeks, but our goal is to get as much done as possible this weekend so we can enjoy the 4th of July – one of our all-time favorite holidays!  If I don’t talk to you before the holiday, I hope you all have a sparkler-filled and happy day.  🙂

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