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How To Use A Planner – The Right Way

A planner… you know, those little books with calendars, a note section for you to write your crush’s name 100x and a place to physically write down phone numbers of all your friends.  Okay, maybe I’m explaining those things they handed out to you in middle school.  But seriously you guys, planners still exist.  And they’re awesome.  Take it from someone as cool as me (kidding – sorta) , I use a planner every. single. day.

I have some fun tips to show you the RIGHT way to use a planner.  Trust me, some of these tips just might have you running to Target and Office Max after this.

1.  Get in a routine.

That’s the whole point, right?  Some people think routine is for the boring, but I beg to differ.  Having a set routine can really help you organize your life and get sh*t done.  My favorite thing to do Sunday evening is sit in peace and quiet and spend a good 15 minutes with my planner.  I write out what I need to get done that week, separating it day-by-day.  If you are super type-a, you can even write down time slots for your to-do’s.  Every morning, before I start my day, I open that bad boy up and see what I need to tackle.  The best part?  The satisfaction I get when crossing things off my daily to-do lists.

2.  Include everything.

From the client consultation you have at Starbucks Tuesday morning to the pool party your BFF is throwing Friday evening and everything in between!  We’re talking work tasks, house chores, hair appointments and all the fun things you somehow manage to squeeze in there.  Don’t forget to schedule out at least a small chunk of time each day for YOU.  Yes, I’m telling you it’s vital to write in there “me-time,” or else you won’t do it.  Just trust me on this one.

3.  Take it day-by-day.

When you open up your planner each morning, don’t focus on the week as a whole, keep your eyes on that day.  Sure, tomorrow may be a busy day, but so is today.  Let’s get today’s tasks done, rest, then we can tackle tomorrow’s tasks.  This will help keep you from getting overwhelmed, which is a huge reason why I love using my planner so much.  Instead of one massive to-do list, I am able to break it up into mini to-do lists for each day.

4.  Have fun.

Remember being a kid and the love you had for colored crayons and markers?  How you could sit for hours coloring the pages in a coloring book?  And how you wish it was still acceptable to do this in your 20’s?  Well, basically a planner is like an adult coloring book.  At least it is in my eyes.  Go buy some rainbow colored pens, get yourself some highlighters, post-it notes, smiley face stickers, sharpies and don’t forget the washi tape!  Let your imagination run wild.  Fill the pages and each day with all your favorite colors and patterns.  This will keep you motivated, inspired and continuously excited to flip the next page and start a new week.

If you’re currently planner-less, here’s a few of my favorite planners: ban.do / erin condren / ABM

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  1. Tawni says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! They seem so simple, but really, they’re SO HELPFUL! I can’t wait to start using my new planner – PROPERLY.

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      It doesn’t always have to be complicated 🙂 Glad you found them helpful and thank YOU for stopping by! xo

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