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What Overcoming Fears Doesn’t Looks Like

Life has been a little cray for me this week.  Though I’m totally slammed with work, building my first eCourse (more on this later!) and preparing for a party this Saturday, that is actually not the reason why things have been feeling hectic.  The real reason?  We’ve had a mouse in our house.  Actually, we’ve had a mouse in our 600 square foot apartment.

Just picture me, glued to the couch, not letting my feet touch the floor and not taking one step into our kitchen and laundry room ALL week.  Sure, I’ve been able to use it as an excuse to not do my laundry, not cook any food, not clean the kitchen, not take the trash out and so on, but it’s been a nightmare.  You’d think being forced to one room all week would allow for me to get a lot of work done, but it hasn’t.  All I’ve been able to do is glance towards the kitchen every 15 seconds.  Not to mention I haven’t been getting any sleep because all I can think about is if the little guy likes to cuddle.

So yeah, I guess you could say I’m afraid of mice.  A fear I didn’t even know I had.  Last week, I was standing in the kitchen by myself when I saw a dark object run across the floor.  It quickly caught my attention (thinking it was a big, scary bug), but I realized it was a mouse and was immediately disgusted and petrified.  I ran to the living room screaming to my husband, “there’s a mouse in the house!”  He went to investigate and I actually started sobbing.  Normally when I’m scared, I just freak the eff out, but this little furry guy made me cry.  Austin kept telling me to calm down and tried comforting me by promising me we would catch the little jerk, but all I could think about was how there’s no way in hell I’m staying in this apartment until it’s caught.

Well, we caught it within a couple hours.  Hooray!  The mouse is dead, the mouse is dead.  So everything was back to being peachy… until Sunday night.  I was sitting on my bed and saw out of the corner of my eye, a dark figure run across our hallway.  I wasn’t quick enough this time.  So every time I looked up, I saw nothing.  Thinking it must all be in my head (always trust your head).  This happened two or three times before I looked up and realized I had just seen a mouse.  At this point, there was no way I was getting off my bed to walk through that hallway to get my husband.  So, I just screamed for him.  He shut the bedroom door and told me to get a shoe… and quick!  I quickly grabbed a shoe, set it by the door, hopped back onto the bed and yelled to him that the shoe was by the door.  He grabbed the shoe and I heard him going to town in the hallway closet.  I guess the joke was on us though because the mouse never met the sole of Austin’s shoe.  “Here we go again,” I thought.  But at least this time I didn’t cry.  Maybe I’m getting braver?

Four days later, we finally caught the mouse.  These last four days have been hell, but with each day I’ve learned to share my space with a furry, little mouse.

So what was the point of this blog post?  I guess I just felt like talking about mice all day.  I’m kidding.  But seriously, I wanted to share an example of how much fears can get in the way of what you love most in life.  Heck, fears can get in the way of everything if you let it.  Obviously, this story doesn’t best represent overcoming your fears, but it does show how much a silly little mouse got in the way of my daily life.  Some of you probably find this pretty comical.  Maybe I wasn’t the greatest at overcoming this fear, but it makes for a pretty obvious example of what it’s like to have fear stand in your way.  I don’t care for anyone or anything standing in my way.  And neither should you.

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