Law of Attraction 101


People that don’t know me personally might not know that I’m actually a really emotional and sensitive person.  It usually doesn’t take much to hurt my feelings or make me sad.  I mean, I cry… A LOT.  That being said, you’re probably wondering how in the world do I stay so positive all the time?  Well, I believe in this little big thing called the law of attraction.

You might have heard of it before.  Maybe you think it’s a load of crap.  Maybe you want to believe in it, but just aren’t sure how it works.  Well, my favorite quote that best explains the law of attraction is said by the one and only, Buddha:

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”  – Buddha

Think about it.  When you oversleep, run to the bathroom to get ready, stub your toe, run out of shampoo, cut yourself shaving, forget your wallet, have a bad day at work, come home and feel like doing nothing but dwelling on what a shitty day you just had.  That’s the law of attraction.  You likely overslept, felt annoyed by it and the vicious cycle began.  I know, it’s toxic.  But just because you overslept, does not mean the rest of your day has to be crappy.   The moment we feel bad is the moment we tell the universe to send more bad things our way.  So, don’t feel bad.

Okay, okay, it’s easier said that done.  I would know.  I’m a super sensitive person, remember?  So, here’s my one tip to you: smile.  One of those big, super cheesy, fake smiles.  Smile when you’re crying.  Smile when you’re angry.  Smile when you’re getting ready for work.  Smile before you go to bed.  Smile when you first wake up.  Smile when you’re cooking dinner.  Smile as often as you can remember to!  And trust me, once you realize just how much more happiness smiling can bring you, you’ll rarely forget to smile.

Story time.  When I first discovered the law of attraction and began using this smiling trick, I was blown away.  It was one of those mornings where it felt like I had a million reasons to cry.  I just broke up with my boyfriend the day before, it was a gloomy day, I was on my way to work a job I didn’t like and school was stressing me out.  So, naturally, I decided to smile the entire 15 minute drive to work.  The skies opened up.  The sun was shinning.  I felt light, airy, alive and most importantly, happy.  It was a good day.

A simple smile made me feel better, ultimately telling the universe to send good things my way.  And it has.  My life has been forever changed because of the relationship I have with myself, good things and the universe.

So, take this tip for what it’s worth.  If you’re one of those people that think the law of attraction is a load of crap, then I challenge you to just give it a try.  If you still think it’s a load of crap, then you’re in the wrong place.  Here we believe happiness is a choice.

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