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Breaks are O.K.


You may have been wondering where I’ve been.  Or maybe not.  That’s okay, too.  But, I’ve been SO busy with life that the last thing I want to do when midnight rolls around and I’ve finally finished up my day is sit down and write a blog post.  Honestly, the only thing that sounds appealing is scrolling through my DVR and binge watching Roseanne.  And instead of beating myself up about it, I’ve been telling myself that it’s okay.  It’s okay that life is crazy right now.  It’s okay to take some me time.  It’s okay to not feel like working.  Breaks ARE okay.  In fact, they’re necessary.  We need them to recharge… to keep sane.

So, friends, please excuse me while I take some time for myself.  My husband and I have been moving.  I’ve been swamped with school work (I graduate next Spring – WAHOO!).  I’ve been getting ready for the launch of my eCourse, Work Like A Charm, that comes out in January!  And at the end of a busy day, I just want to breathe, relax, laugh and cuddle with my husband.

P.S.  I owe a big thank you to my husband, Austin.  He’s always the one who hugs me when I cry and tells me it’s okay to take some time for myself.  That it’s needed.  That in the midst of a crazy busy day, I need to find my time.  And now I just realize, as I’m writing this, I’m singing, “oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader…” in my head.  Seems appropriate.  😉

By the way, I’m not writing this to say “until next time.”  I simply wanted to update you and more importantly, be the person that reminds you that each day, you should be taking a slice of me time.  Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.  Stop being you own worst critic.  Work hard.  But also play (relax) hard.

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  1. Jess Arnold says:

    Dude, Roseanne.

    Also, I’ve been on a forced break from life and I’ve noticed how instinctual it is for me to fight it. I literally CAN’T do anything more than I’m doing at the moment and I still feel guilty on the daily for not doing more.

    Once we give ourselves permission to rest we NEED to just do that.

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      Roseanne is life. Embrace the “break.” You deserve it. Soak it all in. Spend some time doing things you wouldn’t normally get to do if you weren’t on a break. Thanks for reading 🙂 xo

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