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Photo Session: A Girl + Her Best Friend

Last winter, Allison came to me with this incredible story of how she was planning to adopt a dog.  It was a big commitment for her, but it was one she was thrilled about.  She wanted to document the experience and asked me, a complete stranger at the time, if I would like to be the one to photograph her and her new labradoodle puppy, Rory.  I was absolutely honored and was not disappointed with how adorable Allison and Rory were during their cold February shoot.

Several months later, Allison asked if I could photograph the two of them again (my first ever client to book twice in a year, HOORAY).  We made plans for a cozy October session at the same park we used before.  Who knows, maybe it’ll become a tradition.  When I met Allison there again, I imagined Rory would have grown some, but not much.  Boy was I wrong, Rory was the sweetest and biggest teddy bear I ever met.


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