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Most Memorable Photo Shoot

By far one of my most memorable photo shoots is this one right here…

When Katie came to me asking if I could take some family portraits, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  The opportunity to photographer Katie, her boyfriend, Josh (who just so happens to be my cousin and one of my dearest friends) and their 9 month old baby girl, Quinn, was like a dream come true.  Not to mention, being the first to take their professional family portraits was a complete bonus.  I mean, I get to say I’m first – who doesn’t love being first?  😉

Seriously though, it felt like yesterday Josh and I were dressed as Power Rangers for Halloween and having secret club house meetings.  Fast forward and here I am capturing these unforgettable memories for him and his sweet family.  I am so completely honored that I was able to do this for them.


P.S.  Check out the about page.  I added some fun, new photos!  🙂

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