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15 Things I Learned in 2015


In 2014, I made a list of the 14 things I learned in 2014.  Today, looking back on that list, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and the new things that I’ve discovered about myself and about life in 2015.  It only felt right to share them with you again!  I think I just may make this a tradition.  😉

TREAT YOURSELF.  Because we all deserve a little something that puts a smile on our face.

PRACTICE COMMUNICATION.  Being married now, I’ve realized just how important communication is in a relationship.  Austin and I have been practicing voicing our feelings and working through arguments in a mature and adult way.  It can be easy to want to yell and place blame on one another when fighting, but you’re relationship will grow to be so much stronger if you choose to talk it through.

HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF.  From Austin graduating college in November to me having likely my most successful year in business yet, I think it’s safe to say that hard work pays off.  And boy does it feel good!

CONSISTENCY IS KEY.  If you didn’t know, in 2014, Austin and I bought a puppy beagle named Daisy.  We’ve had a really rough time training her, but in these last few months, she has made some major improvements.  Hooray for being house-broken and more of a lazy Daisy than a crazy Daisy.  We went from considering finding her a new home to absolutely loving our floppy-eared, cuddly girl.

LEARN TO SCRAP THE PLAN.  A big one for me this year.  From a girl who plans just about every minute of her life, I’ve had to learn that sometimes the plan needs to be thrown out.  And that’s okay.  New plans can be made and spontaneity can be fun.

LIVE IN THE NOW.  This has a lot to do with me learning to scrap the plan.  I’m constantly living in the future.  Doing things now only to better my future.  But sometimes we have to realize just how important the now is.  If we don’t cherish each moment, before we know it, the past, present AND future will be behind us.

BEING AN ADULT IS HARD.  This is a more difficult lesson I’ve learned this year.  But it’s not all bad.  Yes, being an adult isn’t everything that I imagined it would be, but the hard parts sure make you appreciate the best parts that much more.  I would love to be a kid again and not have a care in the world, but not if that meant trading the life I have today with my husband.

I HAVE CONFIDENCE.  All my life I’ve been known as the shy girl.  And in this world shy = insecure.  But, that’s bullshit.  I’m shy.  I’m an observer.  I also happen to think I’m pretty awesome.  I’m a good photographer.  A good entrepreneur.  A good student.  A good friend.  A good wife.  A good daughter.  A good sister.  A good person.  It’s not always easy, but I’m learning that being confident feels so much better than being insecure.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE.  I know this just by living out my dream wedding.  I also know this because I’ve got one dreamy man as my husband.  And I can feel myself on my way to living out so many other dreams of mine.

I LOVE BLANKETS.  Something as simple as curling up with a soft blanket can turn my bad day into a good one.  My in-laws got me a blanket for Christmas and something about it has reminded me of my childhood.  All those nights I couldn’t sleep and my Mom or Dad would make me rub my hand against the softness of my blanket until I fell asleep.  It’s such a comforting feeling!  🙂

YOU CAN’T HAVE JOY WITHOUT SADNESS.  You can thank the film, Inside Out, for this one.  It’s true though.  I’m always pushing to be happy.  But sometimes you have to realize and accept when you’re feeling sad.  I’ve been learning to allow myself to feel whatever it is that I’m feeling and it has taken so much pressure off the idea of constantly needing to be happy.

LET SOMEONE BE YOUR ROCK.  I’ve also come to realize that when you are sad, others will be there to cheer you up and bring you comfort.  You don’t always have to find happiness alone.

HATERS AREN’T ALWAYS BAD.  I received my first hate mail and at first it stung.  I even wanted to cry.  But then you remember if you have haters, you must be doing something right.  Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay.  They’re probably just jealous anyways.

BEING MARRIED IS COOL.  I love being able to call Austin my husband.  Sharing the same name feels pretty cool, too.  It’s such a good feeling knowing that him and I are our own little family now.

SHIT HAPPENS.  The year of 2015 has been an incredible year for me, but unfortunately, it isn’t ending on the terms Austin and I hoped it would.  Our lives have changed SO much over these last few months.  And in more ways than one, the changes were out of our control.  Every day we’re learning to embrace these difficult times and we know that it is only temporary.  Shit does happen, but it’s okay.  Life will have it’s ups and it’s downs.  You walk through a valley, you don’t live there.

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  1. Andriea says:

    Learning to scrap the plan was the hardest thing for me to do. I am a planner to the heart, and I couldn’t let it go until the plan let me go. LOL Then, I learned the hard way and started lightening up a bit. AND marriage is awesome! I always describe it to people as the best and worst thing you could ever experience! LOL

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com says:

      Scrapping the plan is sooo difficult when you’re a planner! I’ve definitely been learning the hard way. But, it’s a good lesson to learn. And I 100% agree about marriage. It’s not always easy. But it’s not supposed to be. The bad makes it that much sweeter. If I could choose the “perfect life” without my husband over the worst life with my husband, I’d choose the latter in a heart beat. xo

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