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My #1 Social Media Tip


Let’s be real, we all love the fact that our smart phones have the capability to reverse the camera for easy selfie-taking.  Because when we’re feelin’ ourselves and the light is just right, we can’t help but snap a selfie.  Now, I 100% fully support selfie-taking.  It’s a fantastic way to practice self-love, which we all need to be doing… like all the time.  But I do have to say, business woman to business woman, there are specific ways we should be using selfies on social media.  Or should I say, how we should NOT be using selfies on social media.  And this leads to my absolute #1 social media tip for entrepreneurs.



Basically, any social media accounts that aren’t 100% for personal use, should have a professional looking photograph of you that was clearly taken by someone else or via tripod.  AKA not those fuzzy, instagram-filtered, reversed camera selfies.  Don’t get me wrong, those are fun to share and I love changing my PERSONAL Facebook profile pic to my latest selfie.  But when it comes to my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and business Facebook page, I like to keep it professional and without a doubt follow-worthy.

What is follow-worthy?  When you’re scrolling through Twitter and you spot a RT by one of your followers.  But the tweet isn’t what grabs your attention, it’s the profile pic.  It’s fun, sometimes colorful and full of personality.  You think to yourself, “I want to be friends with that girl.”  So, you check out their profile and you follow them.

Here’s some fantastically fun profile pics to get you inspired –

Jessica Safko / Jess Connolly / Kat Williams

Candace Garcia / Jessica Says / Whitney Blake

LaShonda Brown / Veronica with Two Easels / Caitlin Bacher

Get the picture?  😉  So, share those damn-I-look-good-selfies all you want, but keep those profile pics looking professional and follow-worthy.  Trust me, it’ll make a world of difference in your business and your social media game!

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  1. Andriea says:

    Thanks for this post! I totally agree with everything you said here! I absolutely follow people because I think their profile pic looks fun!

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