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6 Ways to Prevent Being Lonely Working From Home


Do you believe me when I say that you’re not the only one who suffers from working-from-home-loneliness syndrome.  Yes, I totally just made that up, but it’s basically a real thing.  It’s completely normal to go through this high of being like, “OMG, I work from home and it’s the best thing ever” to an all-time low of, “Oh no, what have I done!?  I can’t take another minute of being cooped up in this house working alone.”  Trust me, I’ve been there, but thankfully I’ve managed to find ways to overcome it and I’m going to share my tips with you today!

Use someone else’s wifi.

No one said you had to stay home.  Places like Panera Bread offer free wifi for people just like you.  So, utilize that cute tote bag you have and slide your laptop into it, hop in your car, grab yourself a coffee and just enjoy being around other people.  You don’t have to talk to anyone.  Sit nestled in the corner at your local cafe and work away.  Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to feel a little less alone.

Make your lunch break public.

Is it about that time where you take a little break from work and make yourself a turkey and avocado sandwich?  Try scheduling a lunch date with a friend or your significant other instead.  Even if it’s just for a half hour, you’ll still feel a whole lot better by just checking in to see how someone else’s day is going.

Ditch the keyboard and use your voice.

Stop only using email to talk to clients.  Switch things up from time to time and schedule a Skype meeting.  They are a bit nerve-wracking at first.  I totally understand that – I almost always get butterflies right before a video chat.  BUT it is so worth being able to put a voice to a name.

Collaborate with a business friend.

Maybe you’re a one-woman kind of business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome a temporary business pal.  Have a friend that shares a similar target market as you?  Try collaborating with one another.  Brainstorming collab ideas and making magic happen with someone other than yourself feels so good and the pay off is uh-mazing.  Like, hello new clients.

Take your work outside.

Warmer weather is just around the corner and one of my favorite parts about it is the fact that I can take my work outside.  Say hello to fresh air and sunshine – oh, the inspiration!  As I said in tip number 1, sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery… even if that means hanging out with nature.

Start vlogging.

Here’s one that takes a little bit more effort, but I have to admit… it can be pretty life-changing.  I recently started vlogging, as well as, using apps like Periscope and Snapchat to document my days, share behind-the-scenes and connect with others.  If you’re into that kind of thing, I highly recommend giving it a try.  If you want to check out my husband and I’s vlogs, click here.

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