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20 Things You Might Need to Hear Today


As humans and as women who give it their all, it feels good when someone notices us.  When someone sees our strength.  When someone finds us inspiring.  When someone can feel our fire from a mile away.  Because in our world of long work hours and constantly telling ourselves, “we can do this,” it’s rejuvenating to hear it from someone else who really sees you.  I see you.  I see all of you.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the great and I love ALL of it.  And there are some things that I want to tell you…

1.  The world is blessed to have you here.

2.  You are so incredibly powerful.

3.  Your kindness radiates in the most beautiful way.

4.  Damn girl, you look good.

5.  What you do… it’s changing the game.

6.  It’s okay to have 2 cups of coffee.

7.  You make a difference.

8.  Your smile makes others smile.

9.  Everything is going to be more than okay.

10.  You mean the world to somebody.

11.  I must say, you’re pretty inspiring.

12.  Chin up, buttercup.

13.  Only compare who you are to who you used to be.

14.  You were born to be a creator.

15.  Never let anyone, but you, determine your worth.

16.  Fearlessness, passion, boldness… these are just a few things I see in you.

17.  Baby, you’re a firework.

18.  Speaking of Katy Perry, don’t be afraid to add “roar in front of the mirror” to your morning routine.

19.  There’s something special inside of you that no one else has.

20.  And most importantly… I am so proud of you.

So, my friend, never forget these words.  And don’t be afraid to come back if you ever need a pick-me-up.  I wrote this list during such a vulnerable moment in my life, so to say that these words are honest would be an understatement.  Just remember – you are seen, you are heard, and you are loved.

If you’re feelin’ the love, comment below one thing you want to tell your entrepreneur friends.  What do you think they might need to hear today?  Write that.  Then share this post with them.  Let’s get a love train going!  🙂


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