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Simple Tips to Letting Loose in Front of the Camera


It’s the day of your photo session and the nerves are creeping in.  You’re excited, but you’ve never been in front of a camera before and you’re just hoping that you don’t look awkward.  But trust me, girl, you’re totally photogenic and if you use these simple tips, then you’ll be letting loose and feeling oh-so-confident.  So much so that your photographer will likely think you’ve done this a time or two before.

Bring a friend.

Bringing your bestie along can be an easy way to feel more relaxed about the whole experience.  Because sometimes life is just better when you have a gal pal by your side.  But also because she can be your cheerleader, the one who blurts out cheesy inside jokes to make you laugh, or even a good source for a new pose that your photographer didn’t think of.

Play your favorite music.

This is something I want to start implementing during my sessions.  Just need to add portable speaker to my wish-list!  But if you or your photographer don’t have a portable speaker, an iPhone will work just as well.  Put together a playlist of some of your favorite songs that make you want to dance.  Bye-bye nerves.

Be yourself.

You’ve hired a photographer to capture who you are, so just remember to be yourself.  I really don’t think you’re photographer would ever let you look awkward in your photos, so just let them do their job and you do yours by being you.

Have fun.

It’s easy to get stressed.  I totally get that, but this is all meant to be fun!  So, have fun.  All the things above, plus having a super awesome photographer *cough*like me*cough* will make having fun during your photo session easy-peasy.

You probably have a million things left to do before your photo session, but before you head out the door, comment down below what your favorite dance party song is.  I’m needing to create a new playlist of my own!  😉