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The Best Locations for Brand Photos


The very first thing I like to do when planning a session with my client is decide where we are going to make magic happen.  More times than not, the client is a bit overwhelmed with all the options, and I’ll usually throw out 1-2 locations that I think would best fit them and their brand.  Lucky you, today I am sharing the top 4 locations I recommend to my girl boss clients who are looking to have me capture fun and eye-catching brand photos.

Downtown / Urban Setting.

We’ll start off with my NUMBER 1 most requested location – downtown.  It’s actually beginning to feel a bit like a signature location for me, which I love.  For someone who is a boss at heart but wants to be a wee-bit different, then downtown or an urban setting is a great place to have your brand photos taken.  It’s professional, edgy, rustic, yet still modern looking.  The best part is, SO MANY background to choose from.  From the basic brick wall to a whimsical wall-mural or hey look, it’s a lovely bench next to a budding tree.  I can totally see why this location is so popular!

Home Office / Creative Space.

You can tell a lot about a person and what they do by seeing their work space.  So, one of the most perfect places to have brand photos taken is right where you usually would be during your work day… your home office and/or creative space!  Inspiring wall-hangings, a sleek-looking desktop, and hopefully some home office decor from Target.  You really can’t get anymore “brandy” than that.  This is a great location to go with if your job consists of working with other entrepreneurs.  Life coach?  Copywriter?  Virtual assistant?  I’d go with this one!

Coffee Shop / Cute Shop.

I actually have never gotten the opportunity to photograph someone in a trendy coffee shop or an adorable bakery.  It’s kind of a dream of mine.  But I can totally see brand photos being done at the coffee shop on the corner or perhaps, in your favorite place to get fresh donuts with those cute, rainbow sprinkles.  Seriously, if you’re into this idea, hit me up ASAP.  I’m dying to make this a real life thing.

Simple Backdrop.

Not really into any of the above options?  Just want something simple, to the point, and completely focused on you and your brand?  Try a simple backdrop.  This is also a great option if you need brand photos during not the best time of year… like mid-January and there’s 10 inches of snow out there.  To make it more fun, I suggest bringing lots of fun props.  Try throwing confetti (like I did here), drinking your favorite drink while using a cute printed, paper straw, holding books/notebooks/iPad, blowing bubbles, or try holding some giant foil balloons that are the initials of your business’ name.  To take it to the next level, skip the white backdrop and go for pink, or whatever color best matches your brand.

If you want to read more on how you can totally rock your headshots and brand photos, check out this post that I wrote a few months back.  If you think it’s about that time you take it up a notch with you brand, be sure to email me at ali@xoalibee.com and we can discuss how to make it happen!