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How-To Incorporate Your Brand Into Your Headshots


So, you’re thinking you want to spice things up a bit on your website.  Maybe scrap that iPhone selfie on your About page and replace it with something more professional and brand appropriate.  I think that sounds like a fantastic idea!  Now, how do you incorporate your brand?  Do you stand in front of a purple backdrop because that’s what your brand color is?  Well, you could do that, but there are a bazillion ways you can tie your brand into your headshots, making them 100% swoon-worthy.

1. Wear your brand colors.

A perfectly acceptable reason to go shopping?  Yes, girl.  Who said you couldn’t have extra fun with this?  Not only can you wear your brand colors, but feel free to play with patterns and textures, as well!  Is gold foil a part of your brand?  Wear some gold jewelry.  Have polka dots all over your website?  Go for a polka-dotted tunic!

2. Match your fashion to your brand’s personality.

Another fashion tip, but we love it, right?  Think about the personality of your brand (or you, because let’s face it, our brand says SO much about who we are).  Is it bold?  Is it quirky?  Is it mega professional?  Is it completely down-to-earth?  Well, wear that brand, girl!  For example, I would consider my brand to be a bold, girly, and a bit quirky.  Now, check out the headshots you see on my page and what do you think?  Do they flow with my idea of being bold, girly, and quirky??

3. The right location.

Flashback to 2 weeks ago when I shared the absolute best locations for your brand photos!  If you didn’t catch it, you can find that post here.  In my opinion, your surroundings is the second most important thing when getting photos of yourself done.  With you being the most important, obviously!  People will notice you first and then immediately look at where you are.  So, where do you want to be?  You could be being super cute at your desk.  Or you could be more adventurous and walk the streets of your downtown.  And yes, using a white or simple colored back drop is always a safe, yet a sleek looking option.

4. Props, personality, poses.

I like to call it the 3 P’s.  When you have your outfit down.  Your location finalized.  Then it’s time to decide on a prop or two.  Perhaps your MacBook, your planner, or your favorite coffee mug.  If your head is starting to ache, then don’t sweat it, girl.  Props aren’t a necessity, they just add a little more pizazz.  The word pizazz reminds me of pizza and now I am hungry.  Okay, going off topic here!

The last thing you want to bring to your shoot is personality.  How do you do that?  Be yourself!  And get at least 3 solid poses down!  Work what your mama gave ya.  You can be flirty, goofy, girly, fierce, serious, masculine, and I could go on and on.  Again, think about the personality of your brand and work that into the photos by posing in ways that radiates that vibe.  And remember, your photographer is there to help you, but always try and practice in front of a mirror.  Trust me, they weren’t lying when they said practice makes perfect.

How do you feel about me coming up with a posing guide and sharing that on the blog?  Comment down below your thoughts!