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To My Husband: Happy 1 Year!


As I look back on one year ago today… I look at our photos and our wedding video and I think, “wow, we’re already here at one year of being Mr. and Mrs. Cranmer.”  One year of becoming our own little family.  Are we even considered newlyweds anymore?  And while yes, it feels like this past year has flown by.  Like it’s slipped through my fingers.  Like it was only there for us to witness for a moment and then gone and now a memory.  Deep down I know July 11th will only come quicker and quicker with each year that passes.

With this all being said, every year, on our wedding anniversary, I’ll not only be reminded of that perfectly beautiful summer day in 2015, but I’ll also be reminded of just how precious these moments with you are.  I’ll be reminded that life is short, but how lucky am I to get to spend it with you.  And I’ll be reminded to kiss you more, hug you tighter, cuddle you softer, grab your hand every chance I get, never go a day without telling you I love you, and most importantly, to just be.  Be in this very moment with you and soak it in as much as I possibly can.  Because one second from now, this moment will only be a memory.  And while yes, that’s kind of sad to think of it in that way, it’s also pretty remarkable that God has provided us with these moments and it is up to us on how we spend them.  And I choose you.  I choose to be with you in this moment and in all the moments for the rest of my life.  I’ll choose you during the worst of our arguments.  I’ll choose you during sickness.  I’ll choose you during the best of our days.  I’ll always choose you, because you have become my second half and life with you has opened up my eyes to who I am and can become.  It has opened my eyes to who we can be and what we can do when together.  And Austin, my love, *spoiler alert* we’re pretty frickin’ awesome.

Now, let’s cherish this moment and every moment moving forward, because I have a feeling this second year of marriage is going to be one we’ll never want to forget.

With love (the more than you know kind),


Here’s a look back at our best day ever, documented by our dear friends and wedding photographers/videographers, Rachel and Adam: