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A Gift Guide for Women Entrepreneurs


It’s that perfect time of year. Where Christmas music is played loudly wherever you go, hot chocolate is always ready to be enjoyed, and giving gifts makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But picking the perfect gift for the special people in your life isn’t always easy. That being said, I thought I’d help a sister out and put together this fun holiday gift guide for the woman entrepreneur in your life. Here’s 15 great gift ideas that all your girl boss friends are bound to love!


1. Apple Watch: Super trendy. Super useful. The best of both worlds! This is definitely a splurge gift, but a gift any Apple fan would love. I don’t know about you, but I’m super into this watch and it’s pink band with rose gold casing.

2. Planner: Not a single one of my entrepreneur friends can survive without their planner. I know for me, I spend 2-3 times a day in mine crossing off the goals I accomplish and reminding myself of the appointments and meetings I have. This planner from Ban.do is my absolute favorite. With a 2017 near, it’s a great time to gift one to your friend who’s got an exciting year ahead of her!

3. Laptop Bag: Something that is actually on my Christmas list this year. Most of us entrepreneurs work from home, but we all know it’s nice to get out to our local Starbucks and get some work done elsewhere. Well, a cute bag to transport our laptops, notebooks, and other boss lady gear is a must! I’m loving this bag from Kate Spade. I mean, what girl doesn’t love Kate Spade?

4. Lush Bath Bomb: After a long day of running your business like a boss, sometimes a hot bath is much needed. Relaxing and and taking care of yourself is so important when you’re an entrepreneur. Not only would your girl boss friends love these Lush bath bombs, but I think just about any girl would!

5. HomeGoods Gift Card: When you spend your week working at home day in and day out, you need to make sure your space is inspiring. Here’s the thing though, we all are inspired by different things, so a HomeGoods gift card is the perfect way to say, “go put together that office you’ve been dreaming of.”

6. Lush Helping Hands: Another Lush product!? Yes, you really can’t go wrong with smelly-good things. I’m constantly putting lotion on my hands. Is it just me, or does using them to work on your laptop seriously dry them out? This hand cream from Lush looks like it’ll leave your hands feeling healthy and silky smooth!

7. Fuzzy Socks: Girl, yes. As a kid, you hated getting socks for Christmas. As an adult who works from home, socks are just about the best gift ever! I personally wear fuzzy socks every single day. These socks from Bath and Body Works and some Lush products? Perfect little gift basket.

8. Udderly Smooth: If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to some hand lotion, Udderly Smooth lotion is something I always have around my house. It’s so affordable and it WORKS. Their dollar tube (I get mine from the Dollar Tree) would make a great stocking stuffer!

9. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero: I recently purchased this book and so far, I’m obsessed. And so are many of my entrepreneur friends. If you have a friend who needs a little confidence boost to remind her that she is a rockstar, then this book is for her! Not to mention, books always feel like a super thoughtful and personal gift. You can’t go wrong here!

10. Alex and Ani bangles: A new obsession of mine and so many others. Another fantastic and personal gift to give to your soul-driven friend. There are SO many different bangles that hold such different meanings, you should easily find one that is perfect for that boss lady you’re shopping for. But if you find yourself struggling to make a decision, this bangle is one of their most popular!

11. To-Do Notepad: Are you wondering why you would need a to-do notepad when you already have a planner? No, of course not. Both are totally necessary to have. I find them especially handy when they’re magnetic and I can slap it on my fridge and write down grocery lists or maybe even some honey-do lists! 😉 You can usually find some super cute ones at card shops, but Etsy also has some fun ones to choose from.

12. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated while you work is important. I find that it’s more fun to drink when it’s out of a cute water bottle, like this super fancy Define Bottle, where you can toss in your favorite fruit to infuse your water with. This is one of those gifts that most people probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but they’d absolutely love it if someone else bought it for them!

13. Earbuds: I’m constantly going through earbuds. Maybe it’s because I’ve only ever bought super cheap ones from Walmart, or maybe I just use the crap out of them. Either way, I’m going to guess most girl bosses are with me and would love a new pair this Christmas. I’m really loving this pair from Linea Nº2.

14. Coffee Mug: Many of my lady entrepreneur friends collect coffee mugs. Maybe the friend you’re shopping for does, too? World Market is always on point with their collection, but I also find a fun and large selection at places like TJ Maxx!

15. Keyboard Cover: Anyone else thinking flat lays? I’ve been eyeing this rainbow keyboard cover for a couple years now. I have no idea why I haven’t purchased it yet. Maybe it’s another one of those gifts that we’d never buy for ourselves, but would love to be gifted? How fun would it be to incorporate this colorful beauty into an Instagram feed!

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