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5 Ways to Being a Badass in 2017

Last year I shared 10 ways to becoming a better person in 2016 and you can find that here. But this year, I’m sharing ways to becoming more badass in 2017. Because let’s face it, after 2016, we could all use a little more sass and badassery. Let’s hop right into it!

1. Stand up.

Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for what you do. Stand up for who you love. Stand up for what’s right. Just stand up. 2017 is not the year to coward down and just get by. It’s a year where we really need to emit confidence in everything that we believe in.

2. Spread more love.

Who said love isn’t badass? It is so powerful and can literally move mountains. I’m not talking about that gooshy love you see in romantic comedies, I’m talking about real love. The kind you feel in your bones. The kind that fills your soul. The kind the world needs to feed off of in order to become a better and more positive place.

3. Find community.

I think this year is the year to find community. Come together with people who share a common interest. Rise each other up. Be there for one another. Be a movement. Yes, we can make BIG changes by ourselves, but coming together can and will change the world.

4. Be imperfect.

With social media, it can be so easy to portray our lives as perfect and put on a face of perfection. Let’s get real this year. Life isn’t always hunky dory and it isn’t supposed to be. And there will be days where we feel covered in flaws. But that’s what makes us beautiful. I know that sounds cheesy and you’ve probably heard it before, but I’m serious. If we all let our guard down and show more of our authentic selves, we’ll all be a little more badass.

5. Say no.

Simple as that. Stop saying yes to things you don’t want to do. It’s dragging you down! Learn to say no. Whether that be quitting a job you hate or turning down that friend who’s never actually treated you as a friend should. Just say no, let it go, and begin to feel the relief!

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