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Baby C’s Nursery Inspiration

So, I know you come here to see photography, get business tips and find ways to live a more positive lifestyle, but this whole pregnancy thing has completely worn me out. Excuses, excuses, right? Hey, if you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what I mean. But as I recently entered my 2nd trimester, I’m slowly starting to feel the energy come back. So much so that I put together a whole blog calendar for this Spring. Baby steps, guys, baby steps. Super duper soon, you’ll be seeing my regular content mixed in with all these baby updates. I promise!

But for today, I’d love to share with you Baby C’s nursery inspiration. Did I mention, Baby C is a girl? Yes, we can now call it a she and it feels oh so wonderful to know that we’re expecting a sweet girl. I cannot wait to see Austin take her on little outings and learn all about what inspires her.

For her nursery, I at first thought I wanted something super bright and colorful. Maybe even over the top funky with lots of boho vibes, but as I looked around, I became more and more drawn to the classic (yet still very colorful) mid century modern style. I’m thinking warm wood accents, pink, mustard yellow, pops of blue and gold, and of course I need to throw in my love for anything black and white.

Stuffed Lion Head / Stuffed Llama Head / Stuffed Flamingo Head / Crib / Dresser

 Gold Starburst Mirror / Round Rug / Curtains / She is Fierce Print / I Love Lucy Print

Table Lamp / Brave Pennant / Cloud Vase / Pom Pom Mobile

I originally created this inspiration board because I found myself going to stores and seeing something that caught my eye, but just being completely confused as to whether or not it would match my vision. It started getting super stressful (I’m pretty indecisive) and I was wasting a lot of time at HomeGoods and Target just staring at pillows and stuff. So, I spent a few hours pulling things online that I loved, along with a few things we already had, and I built this inspiration board. It’s been super helpful so far and I highly recommend doing something like this if you’re in the midst of decorating not just a nursery, but any room!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a peek into what Baby C’s little space will look like and of course when her nursery is complete, I’ll be sure to share with you how it turns out.