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My Favorite App to Edit Instagrams

Recently I spent a week in the sunshine state, also known as the beautiful Florida, and I took LOTS of pictures. I used to lug my giant DSLR camera around to every place I went, but with being pregnant and traveling without my luggage carrier (aka Austin), I decided to keep it simple this trip and just take whatever I could fit into one back pack. Not counting the suitcase I checked in (obviously – I’m no minimalist).

That being said, my handy-dandy iPhone camera was put to good use. And surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly – it is 2017 now) it takes pretty fantastic photos. And my favorite part? Being able to experiment with different apps when editing my photos.

Because I took a boat-load of photos and was able to get super familiar with editing on my phone, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my favorite app to edit my Instagrams AND share quite a few photos from my Florida trip along the way.

I’ve tried apps like VSCO, ColorStory and even Facetune, but for me personally, no app compares to Afterlight. It’s hands down my go-to. And now that I’ve experimented with several of the 70+ free filters they offer, I’ve found my 2 favorites that help keep my Instagram looking somewhat themed. Which apparently is a big deal to the kids now-a-days.

I personally love the filters Russ, which can be found in the Guest section, and Glen, which can be found in the Wander section. If you know my photography style, you’re probably not surprised. I’m all about the bold, rich and deep colors. With a slight fade of course, because vintage is still cool, right? Or am I just obsessed with nostalgia.

Besides the fun filters, you can also play with things like saturation, contrast, fade, tones, sharpness, and adding vignette or noise. And NO this post isn’t sponsored. I’m just really into it and thought you all may benefit from me sharing! 🙂

Now, to share some of my favorite views in Florida via the lens of my iPhone…