Heavenly, the beautiful 2015 high school senior, finished up her senior session with me this Spring.  That’s right – she did part 1 in the Fall, which you can find here, and part 2 in the Spring.  I love when client’s get creative and decide to split up their sessions into two different seasons.  By the way, this option comes at no extra charge! (wink, wink. nudge, nudge)

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57 Days.  That is how many days are left until Austin and I tie the knot.  Even after being engaged for over two and a half years, I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that I am getting married.  It feels completely surreal.  The closer we get, the more feelings I feel – excited, nervous, stressed, happy, overwhelmed, and the list goes on.  I think as a bride-to-bee, I’ve sought out looking for advice on planning and DIY’s, but I’ve never found much on how to handle the feelings you feel leading up to the wedding.  Today, instead of talking about what projects we’ve completed or that we decided on red napkins, I’m going to talk about what’s been going on in my head.  Or as I like to call it – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Pretty much all my life, since I was a little girl, I’ve felt insecure about my body.  It’s a terrible feeling to have for so many years and unfortunately many women go through this.  Even more unfortunate, some women will go a whole lifetime feeling insecure.  I spent a majority of my high school and college years going on diet after diet.  Some were healthier than others.  I even went to the extreme measures of going on a diet where I could only consume 500 calories a day.  But of course after I stopped doing any diet, I gained my weight back and then some.  My weight was a yo-yo.


After years of being on a roller coaster with my body, I finally decided enough was enough.  I went through a self-love journey and focused more on a lifestyle change.  This lifestyle change wasn’t all about being healthier physically, but feeling better emotionally.  During this journey, I discovered some simple things I could do in order to feel more confident and I think they are well worth sharing with you!

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  • Sasha - I absolutely love this post. You’re amazing. I want to try write down things I love about myself! Great tips!ReplyCancel

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com - Yes, please do! And come back and share something that you love about yourself :) So glad you found this post helpful! xoReplyCancel

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but over the last year or so, I’ve grown a strong passion for photographing women.  I’ve always had this interest in photography, and that grew into an interest for photographing people, and today, it has led me to my deep love for helping women find their inner beauty and showing them that it does shine through.

I especially love photographing women during big life moments.  From graduating high school to becoming a mother.  And all the years in-between.  Those are the years that truly shape us into the strong women we are.  I’ve been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to work with high school seniors and millennials, but I have this place in my heart for mothers.  I’m at the age where many of my friends are becoming mother’s and I, myself, even get baby fever from time to time.  Seeing the people I grew up with taking on this role of becoming the most important person in a little human’s life is truly magical.


After months of wishing I could work with more mothers.  I decided no better time than now to start offering mother/daughter mini sessions.  For a limited time only, I will be offering thirty minute portrait sessions to mothers and their daughters, for the low price of $50.

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After being engaged for 2 years and 7 months, Austin and I have finally made it to the 3 month mark!  I’m not sure if it’s because our engagement is a long one or if this happens to all brides-to-bee, but when the hell is it going to feel real!?


So far, April has been jam packed with wedding planning and DIY’s.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy ride all the way up until wedding day.  I’m ready for it though.  And I hope you’re ready for this post, because I’m about to lay it all out there.  From ring shopping, to cake tasting, to DIY’s galore!

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  • allie - okay, i absolutely looooove that you’re doing a water for elephants type theme. that headpiece is gorgeous and something i can totally see the main character wearing.

    congrats on your wedding! <3

    xo, allie

    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com - Ahh thanks so much, girl! I hope the headpiece ends up working out because I totally love it, too :) Thanks for poppin’ by! xoReplyCancel

  • ~ Carmen ~ - The headpiece is absolutely magnificent. I love it! The DIY chandeliers & canopy look like they’ll be stunning as well. :]

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    • alibeephotography@yahoo.com - Hoping so!! :) Thanks for your comment and stopping by the blog! Can’t wait to share photos of the actual day so you can see how the chandeliers and canopy work out! 😉 xoReplyCancel